Elizabeth’s Recap:

The Island

Flashback: Ilana is visited by Jacob to save he 6 candidates and ask Ricardo what to do next.  Who is Ricardo none other than Richard.

Present:  Ilana looks to Richard and asks him what to do next.  He scoffed and said he didn’t know and that Jacob was a liar.  He then told everyone that they were all dead and the island was hell.  Way to overreact Richard.

Flashback:  Canary Islands 1867- Richard looks like the Last of the Mohicans!  Richard vowed to save his sick wife, Isabella.  He went to the nearest Doctor and was turned away.  Ricardo accidently killed the man for medicine.  By the time Ricardo returned Isabella was dead.  We then see Ricardo in prison and learn that he and his wife were learning English to travel to the new world and start a family.  The priest refused to give Ricardo absolution for murdering a man because he has no time to repent for his sin.  What!  What kind of priest does that?

Ricardo was saved because he could speak English and was put on the Black Pearl, which crashed into the foot statue (but it was the entire statue).  The smoke monster killed everyone but Ricardo!  He then sees a very real vision of his wife Isabella who tells him he has to leave before the devil comes but she is then “killed again” by the smoke monster.  Richard was real broke down when he came to the island.  A man appeared to Ricardo offering water.  He then made Ricardo say that he loves him and will do anything for him in order to escape from hell.  The only way to escape is by killing the devil.  He is given the knife and told Ricardo the same thing that Smoke Locke told Sayid.  If you are wondering who the strange man is calling himself a friend it is the Nemesis.  He told Ricardo that the “devil” took his body and his wife and that he has to be killed in order to get them back.

Ricardo went to the beach where his boat crashed into the statue (all that is left is the foot) and searched for the “devil” when he is taken by surprise by Jacob who took the knife away.  Ricardo asks for his wife and Jacob said he wouldn’t know where his wife was because she was dead.  He tried to convince Ricardo that he was not dead by holding him under water.  Ricardo cried out that he wanted to live and Jacob said that was the most sensible thing he had said and that they needed to talk.

  • Jacob doesn’t let anyone into the foot statue unless he invites them
  • Jacob brought the boat to the island
  • The island is the only thing keeping the darkness where it belongs
  • The smoke monster feels that anyone can be corrupted.
  • Jacob proves the smoke monster wrong and that their past doesn’t matter.
  • Jacob gives free choice to save ones self.
  • He offers Ricardo a job to step in and help the people brought to the island
  • Jacob couldn’t bring Ricardo’s wife back, he couldn’t absolve his sins but he could make Ricardo live forever.

Nemesis came to Ricardo and said if he made the choice he could never see his wife again but the offer still stood if he changed his mind.  The smoke monster then gave him a cross necklace that Richard then buried.

Present: Richard went to retrieve the necklace and said that he changed his mind.  Hurley appeared and said that Richard’s wife sent him and wanted to know why he buried her cross.  This is who Hurley has been talking to the entire episode!  Isabella then tells Richard that her death wasn’t his fault.  He told her she would do anything to be together and she told them they already were.  How powerful.  When Isabella left he put on her necklace and thanked Hurley.  Hurley then told Richard she said one more thing, “stop the man in black or all will go to hell.” 

Flashback:  We then saw “the man in black” sitting looking out over the island as Jacob approached him.  Nemesis is informed if he kills Jacob that someone else will take his place.

Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • I’m calling it: Hurley is the new Jacob…oh snap!  So here’s why—Jacob wants someone who will choose good over evil without someone having to tell them its the right thing to do.  And that person is Hurley.  Hurley does not desire power, he has chosen good over bad throughout his life–even when bad would benefit him more.  He also doesn’t crave companionship the way the other “candidates” do.  Jack wants Kate, Kate wants Sawyer, Sawyer wants Juliet, and Jin and Sun of course want each other.  I’m guessing once you become “Jacob” the nookie goes out the window 🙂
  • A little addendum to my theory of the week.  I’m still kind of feeling my whole Monkey’s Paw, but i’m also having to change do the above mentioned Hurley=Jacob thing.  So in the flash sideways/epilogues Hurley is re-Jacobing everyone—-touching them and leading them to another destiny.  The only flaw in my theory is the why…..why would Hurley/Jacob bring them all back again???
  • Loved that the dagger and story was the same coming from the smoke monster as it was coming from Dogen (presumably on the behalf of Jacob).
  • John Locke is a creepy ass smokey—-love it.
  • Jin and Sun need to get back together soon and I need to Rose and Brenard.  This has little to do with anything, but it”s just something I need to happen.

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