Parallel Universe

James is a cop! and his partner is Miles! It is good to see them as best buddies!  Of course even in this realm James has a problem with lying to those who care about him.  Miles sets Sawyer up on a date with Charlotte.  He put his southern charm on her… straight to the bed!  Of course the romance didn’t last long.  Charlotte was snooping for a shirt and found his photo of his family along with information on James’ parents being killed.

Miles found out James had been lying to him and decides not to be his partner.  This really ticks him off and he smashed a mirror.  James went to see Charlotte to apologize ut she didn’t accept.  James then went to tell Miles the truth about his life.  His father shot his mother and then himself.  Sawyer was the reason why and that is why he has been looking for  him.  He has been going by Anthony Cooper and James plans to kill him.  After he told Miles the story a car runs into the car they were in.  It was Kate and James’ remembered her from the airport!

The Island

Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin and Claire are in a camp with Smoke Locke and the rest of the temple folks.  Smoke Locke informed them that the black smoke killed those who stayed behind.  Yeah not so sentimental  because he is the black smoke. Smoke Locke tells Sawyer that he killed the others who didn’t leave.  “Kill or be killed.”  Smoke Locke has Sawyer do some recon on hydra island.  He is not worried about Sawyer because he is the best liar.

Sayid sat back as Claire pulled a knife on Kate!  Smoke Locke pulled her off and then smacked her up because Claire was acting crazy.  It was like a weird pimp ho thing.  On hydra island Sawyer found the plain that Smoke Locke sent him to check out.  He found more than a plan.  There was a pile of bodies from passengers in the woods but there was one woman running trying not to be caught by Sawyer, she was the only one left.  Zoe was the only survivor who went for wood and had drug their bodies into the woods because she didn’t feel it was right to leave them in the sun.  Sawyer offered to take her back to the main island.

Kate is very upset and I wish she would get a clue.  Smoke Locke apologized to her for Claire’s behavior because he told Claire that the others had her baby. 

Back to Sawyer and Zoe, it was a set up!  Sawyer gave up his weapon and said, ” take me to your leader.  Locke told Kate about growing up with a crazy mother and how now Aaron would grow up with a crazy mother.  Sawyer is taken to the submarine.  Is it Widmore?  Yes it is.  Sawyer has a plan to kill Smoke Locke by giving him up to Widmore for safe passage for the others and himself off the island.

Claire breaks down and apologized to Kate.  Sawyer returned to the main island and told Smoke Locke that everyone was dead and then told him that Widmore was there on a submarine.  He then told Smoke Locke about giving him up to Widmore.  Leave it to Sawyer to get me confused on whose side he is own.

Sawyer told his plan to Kate to let Widmore and Smoke Locke fight it out while they take the submarine home.

Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • So happy to see Charlie’s brother at the police station, here’s hoping for a few more shots of Charlie in the last 8 episodes.
  • I would watch a buddy cop show about Sawyer and Miles.  Did anyone ever see that Simpson’s episode where they did spin off shows with the characters?  This is starting to feel like that.
  • Claire is good at being crazy.  And how creepy was Sayid just sitting there watching her hold a knife on Kate.  Plus, have you all noticed that his British accent has gotten a lot stronger and has overtaken his Iraqi accent?
  • Locke is playing like the loving father.  Love how he tells the truth—just not the whole truth.  I’m still leaning toward him not being the big evil on this island.
  • Where the hell is Juliet?  I thought for sure that was going to be the date that Sawyer got set up on.
  • It was really sweet to see Sawyer holding Kates dress at the Hydra station where they were held prisoner—you all remember why that dress was on the ground right  *wink* *wink*
  • I’m still sticking with my Monkey’s Paw theory on this whole thing.  Sawyer gets the chance to be good, but his mom was still murdered and his dad still killed himself and he is still searching for Anthony Cooper.  But interestingly enough he doesn’t appear to be the cause of Jack’s fathers death in Australia.  I wonder if he died another way in this alt-timeline.

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