This episode introduced us to some of the main characters of the show.  We start off with Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) who is a US Marshall killing a known gun thug.  This causes a lot of issues with the DA’s office and is exiled to Kentucky.    Raylan gave the gun slinger 24 hours to get out-of-town and he counted down to the minute before the thug pulled his gun.  Raylan did do a little overkill by shooting the guy more than once.  Oh yes, Raylan is from Eastern Kentucky and it is a little place called Harlan.  I love it!  Why because I am from East Tennessee!  I read on someone’s blog that the show reminded them of the movie Next of Kin with Patrick Swayze.  I wasn’t sure but it did kind of have that feel ha,ha.

Raylan now works for Chief Deputy Art Mullen and they do all kinds of Marshall jobs:  chase down fugitives, transport prisoners and witness protection.  I am glad to see some diversity with Rachel Brooks on Art’s deputy team.  She is a feisty character with major attitude that gets the job done.  Another team member is Tim Gutterson and I think he is like Raylan when it comes to shoot to kill.  Fav quote- Should I take him our or just wing him. 

We see Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins- The Shield) the leader of the local KKK group and a new guy also from the Aryan nation in a neighborhood with a bazooka to blow up a church.  The new guy doesn’t want his car to be traced and is not okay with the idea.  Boyd blows it up anyway and in the end kills the new guy because he didn’t trust him.

Before Raylan can get too comfortable the team got a call that a black church was blown up.  When they go to check it out Rachel is already mad because the preacher is also a known drug dealer.  There was a witness that said the guy who shot off the bazooka said “fire in the hole,”  Raylan then knew exactly who did it.  His old buddy Boyd that was a fellow coal-miner and is now a fugitive bank robber.

Ava Crowder is the widow of  Boyd’s brother.  But don’t feel sorry for her because she killed him with his shotgun.  Raylan pays her a visit after finding this information out because he knew that Boyd would be sending someone to kill her.  This is interesting because Ava had a crush on Raylan in highschool.  Raylan paid Boyd a visit to let him know he was in town.  Boyd gave Raylan till noon the next day to leave town.  This lead to a showdown at Ava’s house where of course Raylan won by barely missing Boyd’s heart. 

What do you know Raylan has an ex-wife who happens to live in Kentucky as well.  I think her role will become important.  She is a reminder to Raylan that he is ” a very angry man.”  Also, we learn why Raylan gave the gun thug a 24 hour notice.  When he was on a man hunt the thug disarmed him and put him in the car with another man.  The thug was looking for the same guy that Raylan was looking for and when asked where the missing person was Raylan replied he didn’t know.  The thug took the other “prisoner,” taped a stick of dynamite in his mouth and blew him up for no reason.  It then made since why Raylan gave a 24 hour notice and he was “justified” in shooting the gun thug because he pulled first!

I think it shows extreme potential.  It is witty, has action, a bit of comedy and major drama!  I cannot wait to see what happens next week and will we meet Raylan’s infamous father in the next episode?  Timothy Olyphant can really wear a hat.  As Boyd said, ” he wears a hat all casual on his head.”  What are your thoughts?  This new show may help us make it until Sons of Anarchy comes back a one of its executive producers also works on Sons.  For more information check out the FX website.


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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