The Case

This episode started out with a Highschool student on field trip talking with her boyfriend and drinking vodka.  She then stops breathing and starts foaming at the mouth.  I felt like when they operated on her there was more blood than usual.  Maybe it was the direction this episode took because it was very visual with the special effects going from reality to the patients hallucinations.  With all test that correlated with her symptoms they chose to do cognitive psych recognition on her to see what her out-of-body experience was like.   This lead to a good bantering session between House and Foreman.

  • House -We hate full body scans
  • Foreman- You mean you hate full body scans.  We hate when patients die before we know whats wrong with them.

As viewers we get to see that Foreman does not have an open mind to non-scientfic procedures.  In the end the cognitive recognition did not help with the diagnosis.  We spent some time watching House struggle with the case and in between we had two side stores going on.

First, House was trying to force Wilson to buy furniture for the loft.  Wilson has never bought furniture, he has always lived with someone elses furniture.  Wilson’s first attempt is to rent, which of course House finds out and sent it back.  Wilson went to Cuddy for advice and she said just get a decorator and stop letting House influence your decisions.  With this, House of course knows that he hired a decorator but Wilson picked out an organ for House to play and he was very pleased.

Second, we see Taub trying to convince his wife that he loves her and is not cheating on her.  House believes him and then he finally convinces his wife.  Viewers are left unsure because House sees Taub with one of the nurses in a very “friendly” conversation.  Interesting.

Back to the patient.  We find out that after many theories and test that her boyfriends dad traveled a lot and exposed her to a parasite.  The parasite died in her body but its shell was still in her and making her sick.  The only way the parasite got into her body is because her and the dad had sex.  Crazy!  The boyfriend forgives her but not his father.  If I was that girls mother( even though she was 18) I would have had some strong words for that grown man.  The mother just looked at him.  I guess she was in shock.  All in all this was a very strong episode.


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