So Green Zone was not what I thought it would be but that is okay because Matt Damon was amazing as usual.  We see him as a military chief in looking for WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction).  We follow his character, Miller, as he tries to uncover the truth about WMD’s and why they have not been found.  Miller is placed against the displaced Iraqi military and his own country with both sides out to kill him.  In the end he tells the truth in an article he sent out to the media.  This movie was very anti-Bush and if a real soldier had done what Miller did in the movie they wouldn’t have made it.  They would have been fired and homeless or even worse killed.  Another thing that was not cool is how they made poor Freddy drive his little beater car instead of letting him ride in the US Humvee.  Freddy was an Iraqi citizen who tipped Miller on how to find the Iraqi military general.  He also became a translator as Miller searched for the truth.  I give this film 2/ 5 stars.  Sorry Matt.


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