It says a lot about an actor when the audience doesn’t need backstory to understand that he is going to be the bad guy, and that all he does or is involved in will end badly.  As soon as Robert Patrick showed up on Chuck playing Keller, everyone knew that this was not going to be one of those wishy washy characters that could be good or evil.  He was bad, and that’s what makes Chuck good—excellent casting.

Tonight we finally got to see the man behind the voice.  Casey got a mysterious phone call last week and we knew it was trouble, but we all hoped it wouldn’t be.  Then when Keller appeared, we knew he was with the Ring and wondered if  our gruff hero Captain Casey had betrayed us all along.

The gang gets sent on a mission to test the security of a CIA building.  Before they go Keller visits Casey and asks him to take something out of a lock box in that building.  Chuck sees him take what turns out to be a pill from the lock box.  Not beliving Casey would turn, Chuck thinks he is being tested, faith to his country or faith to his friend.  So, Chuck outs Casey, but it turns out it wasn’t a test and Casey really is commiting treason.  Casey is off to prison and that leaves Sarah and Chuck to figure out what comes next.

Luckily for us, Morgan was spying on Casey during Kellers visit and has it on video.  Chuck watches it, flashes on Keller, and learns all about him being a Ring operative.  Thinking Casey doesn’t know what his old mentor has turned to, Sarah and Chuck go in for the rescue.  Unfortunately, Casey is well aware of his choice and goes with Keller.  But, all is not lost.  Turns out that name someone called Casey two weeks ago (Alex) is his true identity and Keller turned him into John Casey in 1989 to serve his country.  When Casey turned he didn’t just give up his identity, he also gave up a fiance, that Keller is now threatening to harm if Casey doesn’t get the pill.  So, Casey’s not all bad, its still treason, but treason for a cause.

Casey hid the pill at the Buy More before he was captured and recruits Morgan to get it back for him.  Morgan does it, but Chuck catches him, and then confronts Casey.  Casey shares his reasons for why, and Chuck offers to help save the former fiance.  So Casey gives Keller a Tic-Tac instead of the pill (hence the title) only to realize that Kellers men are already at the finace’s house—but Chuck is there too.  Of course he can’t flash because there are too many guys and he is overwhelmed.  Luckily, Casey has slipped him the pill, which suppresses emotions.  Chuck takes it, dodges some bullets, kicks some ass, and almost kills a guy.  Until Sarah comes in and stops him.  Fiance saved and we learn Casey has a daughter–named Alex.  But he isn’t ready to reveal himself and leaves.

Colonel Beckman discharges Casey back to civilian life.  Chuck tells him he could go to his fiance and daughter and have a family.  But Casey tells him he made his choice between love and country a long time ago, and advises Chuck it is time for him to do the same.  He tells him Sarah is a good woman and its not too late for him.  But of course the show writers want us to think that it is too late, as we see Sarah in a cab in Washington, talking about moving there.  Of course, we also know that Shaw is not her destiny because he is a guest star and will eventually be wrote out of the show 🙂

So there you have it kids, one of my favorite episodes of Chuck in a while, and i’m looking foward to seeing Casey in his civilian life in the next episode.


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