Oh, Amazing Race, it never bodes well for a team when you focus in on them first thing and then have them tell the audience (and a bus full of rivals) that nothing and no one has challenged them on this race yet.  Joe and Heidi were destined for trouble as soon as those words came out of Joe’s mouth.  Joe has not been as badass and aggressive as he claimed to be when this season started, in fact his quote on the bus has been the most aggressive statment he has made!  Of course everyone hears what he has to say and the Detectives decided they would be working to bring Joe down a peg.


Now, i’m willing to bet they did not think that the blind U-Turn would be the downfall of Joe and Heidi, but it was a good move.  Jeff and Jordan started over 2 hours behind Joe and Heidi and due that U-Turn were able to catch them, do the speed bump, and complete the detour with Joe and Heidi never completing the U-Turn. It was sad, and I think the task was meant to be easy (deciphering morse code—with a handbook on how to do it) but this was not the season for this task.  Not many of our teams are playing with a full deck of the brain cards this year, so it was not shocking when no one chose to do morse code.  Unfortunately, Joe and Heidi had to and it led to there elimination.


The Detectives managed to hang on for 1st, Steve and Allie rolled in at 2nd, and the Cowboys move up a spot to finish 3rd.  No real change at the top of the pack other than the cowboys moving up a spot.  Steve and Allie are still getting no love from the Amazing Race editors or Phil even though they have finished second on every leg since the 2nd (I think that’s right, if not just round that up to they have finished 2nd alot).  The detectives got all kinds of love from Phil, he told them they were the team to beat because they have finished 1st twice in a row—-hello the Cowboys did it first.  The real kicker had to be Brent and Caite who came in sixth (after a 4 mile bike ride) only to find out they missed a clue.  They went back (4 miles) got the clue and came back (4 more miles!) and still finished 6th!!!  Pretty impressive as a 12 mile bike ride would have probably killed one of the detectives.  A fun episode, but I am looking foward to some more tension and excitment as the teams are dwindling down.


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