Phil blew off plans with Claire to hang out with his old girlfriend (Judy Greer).  Manny was down and out about not getting a role in the school play.  Mitchell is called in to work every saturday, leaving Lily and Cameron on family outings.  Cameron tries to convince Mitchell to take a stand at work.

Shout out to Facebook!  Phil was found by his ex, Denise, on Facebook and asks him to have drinks at a restaurant.  This makes Claire unhappy and she tries to open Phil’s eyes to Denise’s man-eater ways.  With all the jokes from Claire he then decides to invite Denise to the house.

Jay informed Manny of his turtle, Shell, being attacked by a racoon.  This of course is a lie that Manny takes to heart.  Gloria knows Jay was lying.  He accidently killed the turtle when he was hanging up a poster.

Alex tried to convince Luke that he was adopted and was really Denise’s son.  She then told him Denise was coming to see if she liked him and would take him home.  All of this because he out joked her earlier that day.  Haley asked Denise what her dad was like in high school.  Who would have thought he was an awesome breakdancer!  Claire is shocked at how much she likes Denise.

Mitchell fears that his boss heard him talking about what an idiot his boss was. This leads to him spending the day at work avoiding him.  Until he finally quits his job.  At first Mitchell is happy and then he starts panicking.  Funniest quote from Cameron- I’m used to nice things what are we going to do!  Mitchell wants to go and get his old job back but Cameron convinced him to find something that is better for him and his family.

Manny plans a funeral for Shell and blames himself for the death of his turtle.  Gloria tried to get Jay to confess but his stands strong on his lies.  Manny stayed up all night waiting for the truth until Jay finally confessed.  Manny was going to confess to scratching Jay’s car but Jay said he knew how it happened.  The racoon did it.

Denise made advances to Phil behind Claire’s back and Phil tries to get help from Claire.  Her advances towards Phil are hilarious.  Denise is convinced that her and Phil were in a relationship through Facebook!


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