Elizabeths Recap:

Parallel Universe

  • We see Ben in a good relationship with his father and who used to be his daughter is now a student he tutors.
  • Ben wanted Artz (Biology teacher) to hack the principals e-mail.
  • Was it foreshadowing when Artz said, ” Linus, you’re a real killer”
  • Ben took the e-mails to the principal for blackmail for his job.  Too bad Linus is not as sneaky as he thought.  The principal decides to not help Alex with a recommendation for Yale.  Ben chose Alex insteadof taking the principal’s job.

On the Island

  • The Oceanic 6 are all candidates to replace Jacob!
  • Llana has made Ben dig his own grave for killing Jacob.
  • Richard informedJack and Hurley that everyone in the temple was dead.  He did assure them that he is not sure about their friends.
  • Ever wonder why Richard doesn’t age.  Jacob gave him a gift.
  • Richard found Jack and Hurley and plans to kill himself but he can’t.  He wanted Jack and Hurley to do it for him.  We got a heart warming reason why he wants to die.  Since Jacob died his life has no purpose.  Jack agreed to light the dynamite in order for Richard to die but when he does he wants questions answered.  Jack decided to blow up with Richard but he knew it wouldn’t happen and it didn’t.  Richard wanted to know what was next and Jack said let’s go back where we started.
  • Ben is resting from digging his grave and Smoke Locke appears.  Smoke Locke tells him how he is gathering a group to leave the island and he wants Ben to be over the island when he is gone.  With the help of Smoke Locke, Ben escaped.  Ben was able to get the drop in Ilana when he gains access to a gun and explained his case about watching Alex die when he chose the island over his daughter and his sacrifice for Jacob.  Ilana leaves Ben to go to Smoke Locke because he is the only one to have him but as she walked away she said she would have him.  Interesting.  Ben came back with Ilana to the camp with the rest of the group.  Then Hurley, Jack and Richard reunite with the group on the beach.  How heartwarming but where is Jin? 
  • What!   There is a submarine coming towards the island with Widmore!


Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • Richard said Jacob touched him and now he can’t kill himself.  Does that mean all of our “candidates” that were touched by Jacob cannot kill themselves?  That would explain why when Jack and Michael (Walt’s Dad) tried to kill themselves off the island they were never successful.  This raises the question of if they live forever no matter what, or if that only works until a new Jacob is chosen.
  • If Jacob was shocked Ben killed him, then why did he have a list of candidates to replace him?  Do all knowing, never dying beings, retire?  To where, since he is already on a island 🙂
  • Michael Emerson kills as Ben Linus (both literally and in the acting sense).  You could see his heart break when Miles told him that Jacob had hoped he was different and when he was talking about Alex.
  • Loved the conversation between Ben and his dad about how their lives would be different if they had never left the island—ironic seeing how his dad would be dead if he had not left the island.
  • My theory of the week is not changing at this point.   I still think we are dealing with a Monkey’s Paw situation here.  Everyone chose sides and made deals to start their lives over as if they didn’t live on the island but there is a price to pay for that.  Ben gets his dad back, but is in a job he is overqualified for, has no power, and has still lost Alex as his daughter.

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