So we went to see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX.  The expereince was amazing but IMAX is not something I want to see movies in on a regular basis. 

The film starts out with Alice as a young child having nightmares about the creatures from wonderland (although she doesn’t know that it is wonderland).  We see how close a relationship she has with her father before we go to 13 years later.  This is when we see an adult Alice with her mother rushing to her engagement party, even though Alice doesn’t know she is getting engaged.  At the party Alice spots the white rabbit and chases him down the rabbit hole.  The classic story carries on as those of you who know the tale would expect.  Alice spends her time growing and shrinking throughout the movie and towards the end realizes that she has been to wonderland.  Throughout her quest to find a way home she meets old friends she can’t remember such as: Cheshire Cat, Dormouse, Mad hatter, March Hare and Blue Caterpillar.  Once she regains her memory and grows attached to her old friends she agrees to help them and the White Queen overthrow the Jabberwocky who works for the Red Queen, the White Queen’s sister.  In the end everything is well because it is a Disney movie.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts

  • Tim Burton is a visionary and I don’t care how odd he is I like his movie.
  • I loved the actors and actresses in this movie.  Way to go casting!
  • I had an issue with the love connection between Alice and Mad Hatter.  If they were going to make it look like a creepy romance then they should have had Mad Hatter on the boat with Alice at the very end of the film.  Sunshine and I thought it could have been a great tie in for Pirates of the Caribbean 4!
  • Crispin Glover who is always creepy looked weird with his animated long and slender body.  I can’t put my finger on it but it was distracting at times.
  • All in all I give this film 3/5 stars.  I am going to be a bit tougher on films for 2010.  Well, maybe we will see how long that lasts.

Sunshine’s Thoughts:

  • I enjoyed the movie, mainly because I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  It is not worth it to see it in IMAX 3-D.  A lot of this is due to the fact that the movie was shot in 2-D and then converted to 3-D.
  • The story was good, but mirrored almost completely the plot to SyFy’s Alice.  See my thoughts and recap on that version here and here.  If you haven’t seen that version read the recaps or check it out and then compare it to Tim Burton’s Alice, somebody copied somebody.
  • Johnny Depp was good as the Mad Hatter but the accents he used really through me off.  He had a great Irish/Scottish (very William Wallace) accent he would use when he was mad (pun intended).  But when he was just being crazy he had a wierd lispy accent that made him seem kind of like a perv.
  • In all, I will agree with Liz and go 3/5 stars on this one.  Entretaining, but it didn’t really meet my expectations or live up to the hype.

About Elizabeth

I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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