Oh, Greek, when will you end?!  I’m getting really tired of watching this show because we are almost back to where we started at the series premiere.  Casey is torn between two guys (slacker Cappie and over-achiever lawyer boy) sound familiar?  Rebecca is slutting it up around campus sleeping with any boy with the nerve to approach her, deja vu? Cappie isn’t going to pick a major because he isn’t ready to graduate, we’ve been here before right? 

So yeah, if its not clear, i wasn’t that impressed with tonights episode.  Cappie would rather hang out with his frat brothers for the rest of his life, which while fun, I thought we had already dealt with when Rusty gave him that heart to heart about everyone leaving eventually.  Casey is taking her LSATS but can’t concentrate because Cappie won’t pick a major (glad your willing to blow your future for a boy who will probably never graduate).  Then she goes and has a drink with lawyer boy, but forgets to tell him that she has a boyfriend, oops.  She is honest with Cappie about the almost kiss with lawyer boy, but he is upset, gosh I hope they don’t break up—again.

Rusty is still messing around with Katherine, who is apparently ready to give up her virginity to Rusty.  Her idea of a stud is Al Gore—nuff said.  It doesn’t happen cause Rusty is honorable, oh and he wants to date another girl.

Rebecca kisses another guy, at a gay bar, in front of Evan.  He confronts her, calls her heartless, and then goes back inside to make him some monies. 

Here’s hoping this season ends soon, and we come back to something better in the summer!


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