Last nights episode of Chuck was directed by Zachary Levi, who is quickly proving that his talents do extend outside the zone of Squeakquels 🙂  It was well shot and well paced.  We finally got to see Jeffster in action last night and Morgan finally knows Chuck’s secret.

We open up the night with Chuck getting benched because the interstect is not working anymore.  Chuck knows, and we know, that the intersect isn’t working because of all his emotional baggage with Sarah.  And we all know that once he can talk to someone about his problems things will start working again.  Not the most brain bending plot point we have ever seen, but Zachary Levi manages to make it work.

Sarah and Shaw head off on their mission to take down a Ring agent who happens to be in town.  When they get to the hotel, an intercepted phone call tells them that an agent is about to be turned.  Based on the description, that agent happens to be Captain Awesome.  Shaw warns Awesome he is in danger and of course Awesome freaks out cause he is there with Ellie.  But before the danger comes Casey figures out that it is a set up so that the Ring can get to their secret headquarters under the Buy More.

Back at the Buy More the Ring has came in and convinced everyone that they are there to buy the store and clean house.  Of course when they say they are terminating everyone, they don’t mean firing!  Jeffster convinces the gang to fight for their jobs.  This results in one of the absolute best Jeffster performances I have seen.  They perform Credence Clearwater Revivals “Fortunate Son”.  So while the Buy More staff is having their Braveheart moment (but with Nerf guns instead of antlers) Morgan has followed the Ring into the CIA headquarters.

He is of course shocked at his finding, but also ready to defend the BuyMore and the CIA with his life.  Morgan recruits Chuck to back him up, but before Chuck can convince him its a bad idea they are captured and tied up.  Chuck is forced to reveal his secret to save Morgan’s life.  Morgan is not upset, but is really excited to have a spy for a best friend (as we all would be, i’m sure).  Chuck unloads all that emotional baggage and shock the intesect works.  Chuck kicks some ass and gets out of there. 

Everyone one seems happy now, that is until Chuck gets home.  Awesome is waiting on him because he is upset that he and Ellie could still be in danger.  Chuck assures him he is fine, and Awesome seems fine until he sees Ellie.  Once he sees her he starts trying to convince her to leave the country with him and join Doctors Without Borders.  I hope they don’t go, but this has to open up the show to Ellie finally knowing Chuck’s secret.

The biggest twist of the night came from Casey.  He gets a phone call on the latest confiscated Ring phone and its for him!  The voice on the phone needs Casey.  Who is it?  Is Casey a double agent?  From the previews it looks like Casey has some secrets.  Here’s looking foward to next week!


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