Are We Family?   

The Chinese is on their way and OMG, Kaylie has decided to appease the national committee by not competing.  Sasha made the announcement to the media and the team about Kaylie and he replaced her with someone else.  The coach for the Chinese was not happy but he and Sasha had a side conversation about burying each other.  Interesting.   

Damon and Carter had another heart to heart about not holding anything back.  Damon decided to write Emily a letter and attach it to her pay check about where he was going and how he felt.  Carter and Lauren went to see Kaylie and explained how Carter was homeless and that she shouldn’t use her anger as an excuse not to do the meet.  Kaylie was all about number one and had them leave.   

Yay, Leo!  He and Emily talk about Kaylie being shielded from everyone and how she lost her scholarship.   Leo gave Emily a ride to the pizza shack and I couldn’t believe it.   Leo took Damon’s letter. Why are all of her options losers!  Ronnie pleaded with Sasha to talk with Kaylie by telling him he is the only man in Kaylie’s life.   Sasha went to go see Kaylie’s father and got the door slammed in his face.

Ellen Beals paid a visit to Ronnie, Kaylie and what her dad to give some dance and song about protecting her by not taking her to China.  After she left Alex gave Kaylie a pep talk about going to help her team and win against China.  Even I felt motivated ha,ha.At the gym we got a dramatic intro of the Chinese team entering the floor.  Very interesting.  Sasha gave the Rock girls a talk about being fearless and then entered Kaylie.  Fav quote Alex to Ellen Beals- My daughter doesn’t make deals with the devil!  Kaylie gave a pep talk about being afraid of choking and that is why she didn’t want to compete.  She then gave the “we are family” speech.   Que we are family music!

On the score board Sasha had the national teams 4 medals posted to see who will do better: The Rock, China and we know where the national team stands. 

During the competition the star Chinese competitor complemented Kaylie’s performance on the floor, which one her a silver medal.  Emily planned to do the blind landing on her vault and landed it for a bronze!  Lauren got the silver on the beam but she hurt her ankle there is no way she can do bars.  The alternate had never been in a competition before.  Sasha looked to Payson and told her she was in.  Payson hasn’t touched the bars since her accident.  She conquered her fear and gave a simple but powerful performance!  Emily had the pressure of getting the Rock’s fourth medal in the competition on the bars and she did it!  Way to go underdog!  Sasha was right the renegade team from the Rock is just as good if not better than the national team.  This leads Sasha to push Kaylie on the beam and up her difficulty level to prove she is the best.  She did it and she killed landing the triple twist!  This gave the Rock team five medals and beating the Chinese star competitor for the first time.

Leo and Emily went to the Pizza Shack with the rest of the team and he then gave he the note.  He tried to explain that he was trying to keep her focused.  Emily didn’t respond she just went to go read the note.  Lauren and Kaylie had another conversation where Lauren is a pain but then she said for Kaylie to trust Carter.  That was kind of nice.  Emily had Carter turn on the radio to hear Damon giving an interview.  He then sung for the first time in front of strangers, thanks to Emily and their love.  Lame, but cute.  I am still routing for Leo or Razor to no prevail.  Then we see some awesome lip synching and rushes to the station to say good-bye with a lift from Kaylie.  Before she left she gave her mom permission to love who she wants, Steve.  Kaylie calls Carter and leaves him a message of her love and asks him to come to her room.  Back to Emily she was too late because the show was pre-recorded.   We then see Carter going to see Lauren and rushing to kiss her!  What a great season I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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