This episode follows a blogger, played by Laura Prepon, who suffered from unexplained bruises and bleeding.  While in the hospital she is blogged about what was going on.  This was somewhat annoying to the team, especially Foreman. 

Wilson, Chase and House went on a speed dating excursion.  House bet Chase if he didn’t say he was a doctor, lost his accent and was uninterested that he would leave with at least 12 numbers.  Chase was out $100 after the evening.

The side story of this episode is Wilson wanting House to give up porn.  This effort led House to find a video of Wilson that was edited into a porno by his old college roommate.  House then released this information to the hospital!  Wilson went to Chase to find out a way to get revenge.  They found that House has been reading a step-by-step guide to sermons book.  Chase still wants to use this information in a cruel and funny way.  Wilson opted not to mention it to anyone.  Chase, went to the author of the book and handed out copies to everyone.  House was concerned if Chase mentioned him to the author.  What’s that all about?

The blogger is fastly going down hill and the team was still trying to figure it out.  Something is wrong with her liver and they gave her a liver biopsy.    They found that she would die in 3 or 4 days unless the team can figure out what is wrong. 

Que montage of House trying to figure out the diagnosis.  Wilson came into House’s office because he found an original copy of the book.  Houses’ father was the author.  During this talk House had a revelation on what is wrong with the patient.  He then raced to ask her what kind of poop she had.  She had malabsorption and she will need meds, heart-valve and she will live!! Way to go team!


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