Holy Crap!  My pick for winner finished last this week!  I was in complete shock, but not really, cause I kind of figured this was a non-elimination leg.  We were down to eight teams and hadn’t had one yet so this was destined to happen tonight.  Plus going up the against the Oscars I really don’t think they were going to air a shocking elimination episode.  So Jeff and Jordan finished last, not completely their fault as they got in a cab with a horrible driver who took them to the middle of nowhere before he realized he was wrong and then took them back to town.  Of course their night started out bad when they paired with Caite and Brent for the intersection.  Caite and Jordan had to go bungee jump together and of course Caite put them on the wrong metro (blaming the crazy maps!) of course everyone else managed to get on the right train — i’m just saying!


The race tonight did mix up the groups quiet a bit.  The detectives finished 1st tonight.  With Allie and Steve holding strong to 2nd.  They got a little more air time tonight, which was nice since they seem to be playing as contenders.  What the Amazing Race failed to explain was how the detectives ended up at the front of the pack.  The cowboys of course started first and got on the first flight, but somewhere from the pit stop to the airport the detectives moved to second and got the seconnd and last seats on the 1st flight.  Where did the other teams go?  No one seems to know!


The cowboys came in 4th after a bad decision to jump on the train rather than using a cab.  But after seeing locals direct the other teams to get on a train, i’m guessing that is where they got the idea from. 

I’m having to rethink my placements now.  I think I am going with the Cowboys for the win, Steve and Allie second, and the brothers third.  Jeff and Jordan are probably not going to survive the speed bump next week, so I think they are next to go.


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