This show looked at the families fears.  Haley wanted to overcome her 3rd driving test.  Alex feared the school dance and Manny had a fear of roller coasters.

Luke and Phil were going to go treasure hunting under the house.  Apparently someone had to go under the house to do some work and told Phil, nice collection.  This peaked his interest and one of the funnier moments was when he and Luke were guessing what they might find.

  • old magazines
  • necklaces made out of teeth
  • insects in amber
  • gold bars!

We then found out that Phil is afraid of everything, the dark, bugs, rodents.  Manny’s mother convinces him to go fishing at the pier and what do you know there is a roller coaster there.  After some pushing from Gloria, Manny and Jay ride the roller coaster with her.

Cameron and Mitchell invited Lily’s pediatrician to brunch.  During this forced interaction the couple thinks Lily has said mommy.  It turned out to be the doll that was given to her.

Haley passed her driver’s test.  Now her parents can have fear of her being on the road!  Luke helped his dad get over his fear and they found two skeleton bodies under the house.  They called the police and it turned out to be the previous owners Halloween decorations.  Nice!


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