Elizabeth’s Recap:


We start off with Sayid taking flowers to Nadia and we see his niece, nephew and brother, Omar ( Nadia is his sister-in-law).  In the real past Omar is not Sayid’s brother but his Superior in the Republican Guard.  Omar woke Sayid from his sleep to get assistance from some trouble he is in.  Sayid, said” I am not that man anymore.”  Omar was “mugged” and we see a glimpse of Jack in the hospital.  Nadia pleaded with Sayid to not retaliate. 

Nadia, Sayid and the kids are playing house while Omar is recovering from surgery.  Nadia then asked Sayid why didn’t he want to be with her and push her towards his brother.  He felt he couldn’t be with her because he didn’t deserve her due to all the horrible things he had done in the past.

Sayid was on his way to pick up the kids when he is picked up by the people his brother owes money to.  What do you know it is the mercenaries: Omar, Keamy and Redfern.  Sayid starts kicking ass and then Keamy says that the debt is forgiven out of nowhere.  Sayid then said he can’t forget about it and kills Keamy.  Afterwads, Sayid heard a noise and it was Jin and he doesn’t speak English.

On the Island

Sayid wants answers! Dogen explains how the machine Sayid was hooked up to tells if you are good or evil and that it tilted the wrong way when Sayid was hooked up to it.  Then the fighting began.  After Sayid got his butt kicked, which I find hard to believe, he is told to leave the temple and never come back.

Claire and Smoke Locke were making plans to infiltrate the temple.  I wonder what they need in the temple for?  Claire walks into the middle of the temple and demands that Dogen go see smoke Locke and to speak English.  It was great!  He then said that he knows he will be killed if he leaves the temple and has Claire held.  With the rest of the group gone(Hurley and Jack) Dogen wants Sayid to stay.  He wants Sayid to kill Smoke Locke because he is evil incarnate.  He explains that he will look like someone who is familiar and has died.  If Sayid allows Smoke Locke to speak it is too late.  Dogen then plays on Sayid saying that there is still good in him to convince him to kill.

On his way, Sayid runs into Kate who has no clue but is returning to the temple.  Miles gives her an update and informs her that Claire is in the temple.  The look on Kate’s face is great, I have never seen her look so terrified.

 Sayid sees Smoke Locke and when he said hello, Sayid stabs him with the knife Dogen gave him and Smoke Locke just pulled it out and said, ” Now why did you go and do that?”- CRAZY!

Smoke Locke gave back the knife to Sayid.  He then goes on to not kill Sayid but to deliver a message and if he did it he could have anything he wanted.  The only thing Sayid ever wanted died in his arms and he knows he will never see it again.  How sweet.  You know Smoke Locke is evil because he said, ” What if you could.”

Sayid returned to the temple and gives the message:  Jacob is dead and because he is gone none of you have to stay here anymore and you are free.  He (Smoke Locke) is leaving the island and you have until sundown to leave with him.  One of the women asks, what happens at sundown?  Sayid replied you die.

Lennon took Kate to see Claire, who is completely nuts in a ditch singing to herself.  Kate (big mistake) tells Claire that she took Aaron off the island.  She then goes on to say she raised him and continued to talk ignoring the crazy look Claire has, saying that she came back to save her.  Claire then says, ” I am not the one who needs to be saved.”

Everyone starts freaking out and leaving.  Lennon tired to convince people to stay in the temple because it is safe.  Miles asked Sayid if they were leaving but Sayid had to return his knife.  Sayid learns about Dogen, he was in an accident and his son was going to die.  A man told him that he could save his son’s life at the hospital but he could never see his son again.  Jacob was the man who told him this.  Dogen knows that Smoke Locke has offered Sayid the same bargain.  Sayid tells Dogen that he wants to stay and then drowns him in the fountain.  What’s up with that, What’s up with that?  Lennon finds them and says you just let it in before, whoever this Sayid is kills him and said, “I know.”

The island was under attack!  Miles is found by the rest of the gang (Ben, Sun, Llana, Frank) that was with Jacob.  Stupid Kate goes after Claire and then we see the Smoke Monster on a rampage.  Sun finds out Jin is alive but Miles has no idea where he is.  Kate walks in on an army being led by Smoke Locke entering the temple.

What I learned:

  • Nothing Much
  • Claire is absolutely crazy and wants to kill anyone who has had anything to do with Aaron
  • Sayid really is bad
  • No matter what time frame everyone will eventually meet each other.
  • I am tired of the Remember Me preview


Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • I’m a little confused about Omar,  I cannot disagree that he was Sayid’s superior in early episodes, but I also think he has always been Sayid’s brother.  Remember when Sayid killed that chicken for him as kids???  Someone please clarify for me if those are all the same Omar’s!
  • Sayid is super hot when he is killing people.
  • Loved seeing Reamy again, that boy always looks crazy.  I think all of his goons were goons on the island too.  Seems like Reamy is always destined to be killed, poor guy.
  • Apparently that money Jin had confiscated at the airport was owed to Reamy, guess that debt is settled now.
  • Claire is going to kick some Kate Ass! and Soon!!
  • Miles confirmed to us (or to me anyway) that when Sayid was dead he must have heard something from him.  Cause for some reason he was sure Sayid was dead for 2 hours.  Now I just need to know what he heard.
  • New Theory:  These are not actually 2 seperate timelines.  When Sayid made the deal to see Nadia again with Locke, and when Dogen said that he had made a deal with Jacob to save his son’s life, and Claire made a deal to see her son again, I knew where this was going.  Can anyone say Monkey Paw???  You get what you want but for a price.  Sayid gets Nadia but she is married to his brother.  Claire gets Aaron but starts over with nothing and no one.  Dogen gets his son back but has to die in this world and his son is not the same son he remembers (baseball vs. piano).  Jack gets his son, but loses the girl and still has daddy issues.  Locke gets Helen but goes back to being paralyzed.  I think we are seeing the epilogue.  Post-Epic Smoke Monster/Island battle.  This is there “reward” for picking a side.  Very, Very Interesting!

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