So it is the first new Chuck in two weeks.  I really liked this episode.  It still kept Sarah and Chuck apart but I felt like it really moved the whole story ahead.

Chuck is assigned his first mission where he has to use an alias.  He has to pretend to be a deadly assassin named Reif.  He actually is quite good at it.  Casey goes under cover with him but gets recognized by one of his aliases.  Chuck interstingly enough flashes on the name that the gangsters recognize Casey by but Casey will not discuss it with him.  Chuck gets to pull out one of Casey’s teeth to prove to the gangsters he is not afraid to do dirty work.  Its awesome and Casey respects Chuck a little more because he does it.

Meanwhile, Sarah has told Shaw she does not want to mix a work relationship with a personal one.  She still has feelings for Chuck and that is apparent when she is watching Chuck and Hannah have dinner with Ellie and Awesome.  You can tell Sarah wants that, but is holding back for some reason.  She keeps that professional distance until she goes to apologize to Shaw.  She gets to his hotel room and he is walking around in a towel.  Of course that breaks her resolve, i’m pretty sure seeing him with just a towel on would break anyones resolve.  Sarah apologizes for being rude and her and Shaw share a heartfelt moment.  Sarah even decides to tell Shaw her real name (which she has never even told Chuck!!!).   Her name is Sam.  We learned a while back her middle name is Lisa.  I don’t think that really flows, but she could be lying.

Of course Chuck over hears all of this and is heartbroken that Sarah would share such a big secret with Shaw.  He is getting ready to sniper the room when he convinces the gangsters he needs to deal with Shaw personally for stealing his woman.  The gangsters agree so Chuck goes over there to warn Shaw and kick some ass.  Shaw of course takes it too far because this really is about Sarah and not the mission.  While they are fighting, the real Reif busts in and grabs Sarah.  Chuck and Shaw are powerless, but thank god for Casey.  He uses the sniper rifle to take our the real Reif and save Sarah. 

Chuck decides to break up with Hannah (the night after he slept with her! and at a dinner with her parents!!).  Hannah calls him out for being a dick and I would have to agree.  Even though he has feelings for Sarah he could have played the Hannah thing better.  Sarah decides to give it a go with Shaw and we end with them making out.  So, I thought Hannah was a spy but at this point it appears she isn’t.  But I could get tricked in the end, we will see.

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