Elizabeth’s Recap:


Jack has a son named David who is an awesome pianist.  The relationship is strained but by the end of the episode they came together.  We get to see Jack’s mom Margo Shepard and also Dogen with his son who is also a musician.  Another one of those no matter what their paths will cross moments.

On the island

Jacob sends Hurley on a mission to guide someone to the island.  We find out that Hurley is a “candidate” and can do whatever he wants!  Hurley’s mission is to take Jack to a lighthouse where you see names and the homes of people.  Jack gets mad, freaks out and smashes the mirrors in the light house.  Jack is important and is chosen to do something but we still don’t know what.  On the other hand we see Claire and she is crazy!  She is on the warpath and ready to kill for Aaron and what do you know Jacob’s nemesis is Claire’s friend.  Jin tells Claire the truth at first about Kate having Aaron but then quickly says that he is lying.  That was good because Claire was going to kill Kate if it was true.  I wonder if Jacob is trying to get Aaron to the island?  I have no clue.  Sayid is still at the temple, which worries me because Jacob says something bad is about to happen there.  The previews for next week were crap and showed us absolutely nothing but they did say questions would be answered.  Didn’t they say that last week.  The only answers I got were: 

  • Claire has been with Jacob’s nemesis for three years and was tortured the way Sayid was tortured.
  • There is a lighthouse on the island
  • Jack is crazy on the island


Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • It was interesting that Jack did not remember having his appendix out.  And it raises the interesting question of whether or not it happened in 2004 or if that is the scar from when Juliet took it out.
  • Jacks answer to Dogen when he asked how long David had been playing piano “I don’t know”.  Do you all remember when Buffy had a sister just appear and it turned out she was the key and had been placed in Buffy’s life and memories had been added to make it seem like she had existed all along?  I got that feeling from Jack’s 2004 timeline.
  • I don’t know if Claire is crazy or if everyone else is crazy and she is sane!  I refuse to believe she has turned evil, which to me means that Smoke Locke may not be evil either.
  • I really liked the creepy smile from John when Claire said “That’s not John, that’s my friend.”
  • Did anyone notice if there were any additional names and numbers on light house wheel that we did not see in the cave?
  • I’m pretty sure I saw Austen (Kate) on that wheel, which is interesting because she was not on the cave ceiling.
  • I thought Jack was pretty selfish to bust up the mirrors before giving Hurley a chance to see if his name brought up anything intersting.
  • I also thought it was selfish that Jack was only focused on his name and didn’t seem to notice everyone else’s name on that same wheel.
  • No new theory this week.  I’m sensing a convergence of timelines starting in this next episode.

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