It was Valentines on Greek this week!  I’m not really sure why they didn’t do it last week right after Valentines day, but hey I don’t plan show schedules.

So Cappie and Casey are celebrating their first Valentines day since freshman year when Cappie bought Casey a bottle of vodka, drank it, and then threw up on her.  Oh, love!  This year Cappie wants to get it right so he is working to find Casey a gift from the heart.  Of course he can’t think of anything and he and Casey end up in a competition for who can get the best gift.  Casey ends up buying lingere and wearing it for Cappie, of course he loves it.  Cappie gets her a bottle of vodka, but Casey doesn’t see the humor, so he takes her to the spot where he fell in love with her.  Gag me, it was lame but Casey loved it.

Rusty has never had a valentines date (shock!) and wants one this year.  He tries asking out a stranger two days before valentines day and that of course does not go well.  Casey decides to set him up with Katherine.  We witness a very uncomfortable double date at Dobblers where it seems Katherine is not impressed.  But we find out later she finds Rusty smooth and charming.  They go out for Valentines day but Rusty lets it slip that Casey offered up her car to get Rusty to date Katherine.  Katherine is hurt emotionally and then literally when she gets shot with an arrow.  Everyone goes to the ER, where we find Dale after he and his date had a retainer mishap…use your imagination.  Katherine is fine and litte loopy on pain killers.  Rusty walks her home and there seems to be some weird connection.  I’m not buying it, but we will see how the show does with it.

There were a few sub-stories with Ashley (who still can’t trust men), Rebecca (who is afraid that Evan loves her), and Grant (who became super gay and bleached his hair).  Not really interesting so i’m not going in to them.  I’m getting a little bored with Greek, how are you all feeling about this season???


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