The Great Wall   

Oh what do you know Damon is back Razor is gone and Leo is back!  I love it!  Mr. Cruz moved out of the house and has been gone for a month.  Kaylie feels that her father is mad at her because she didn’t tell him about the affair.  Leo and Emily reconnect which gets under Damon’s skin.  


I say Emily gives Leo a chance now.  What do you guys think?Sasha is training the girls to death and what do you know Payson is training again.  This is when Sasha informs the team that China is coming to the Rock.  Interesting, how did he pull that off?  Back at the gym Carter solidifies that he is over Kaylie but he is still her friend if she ever wants to talk.  During the training session at the gym Sasha seemed a little harsh towards the girls in his efforts to push them to be better. 

A side story is the Keeler’s are trying to sell their house in order to pay Payson’s medical bills.  A different money matter is the fact that The Rock has to foot the bill for China and Summer is trying to organize the mom’s to raise 20 thousand dollars.  At a doctor’s appointment Payson is informed that she can start training the next day.  Shocker she lies to her mother and says she is not able to train yet.  

 The tension between Summer and Sasha is creeping me out.  Oh, and Sasha hasn’t even asked China to come yet.  This angers Summer because he is gambling with the teams careers along with his reputation and the gym.  Summer also informs Sasha that the fundraiser will be B-I-N-G-O!  The fundraiser will be at the Pizza Shack and so now everyone knows that Emily has a job.  I love what Chloe says to Ronnie.  Ronnie- This place is so working class.  Chloe- Bingo is the working man’s game.  

China Beat the National team, Sasha informed the girls that he hadn’t invited China yet but he then held a press confess to invite them to the Rock.  When everyone is helping to set up for the fundraiser, Emily and Damon have a heart -to-heart and Kaylie realizes that she still has feelings for Carter. Payson finds out that her family is selling the house and her mother finally fessed up to her.  She then goes to the Pizza Shack to see if she can get a job.  Kaylie offers her endorsement money but Payson declines.  Chloe comes up with the idea of the Keeler’s winning the BINGO game.  She is sneaky! Kim and Summer talk about Sasha.  Summer says he is attractive but does not share her same beliefs. Kaylie comes over to make her  play probably to give her the winning card.   During the BINGO game Sasha receives a phone call from the national committee head.  She informs him that China will not be coming and that there will be serious consequences. Wow, that was crazy but then the phone rings again and he got a smile.   I wonder who it is?  

Of course Chloe spills her drink on the napkin that has Kim’s numbers on it.  She is great but always messing up.  Everyone pitches in to get Chloe the last number and Kim yells BINGO!! This was great, I hope no one finds out. 

Summer goes to see Sasha and he informs her that China accepted the invitation.  Then they kiss.  I guess.  Kaylie finally forgives her mother and decides to stop giving her such a hard time.  They share a moment over Seventeen magazine with Kaylie’s picture in it.  Emily and Leo again bond and he offers to help her get the movie she needs to up her score.  Of course while they are hugging Damon walks in.  Carter tries to tell Damon it doesn’t mean anything and Damon believes it does so he leaves for the studio!  Kaylie is in the kitchen washing dishes and Carter comes in to make a joke.  Of course a suds fight ensues and then they kiss. Kim comes home to find a message from Payson’s physical therapist about her being cleared to start training.  Who didn’t see Payson’s fear coming?  She suffered a major trauma so it will be hard for her to get back on the bars.  I am excited to see where this is going.


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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