Yay Cowboys!  I will admit I was not the biggest fan of them last week, I thought they were a little slow.  This week they really lucked out and hit a faster bus to their next destination and held on to first place, so kuddos to them!  There best move of the show was when Jeff and Jordan and Brent and Caite managed to miss a bus connection and rather than tell them the cowboys kept there mouths shut, as they would say “Oh, my gravy”. 

Tri-Athlete grandma and grandaughter did not fair as well as they were the team eliminated this week.  And to add insult to injury grandma got kicked in the head by a cow.  She didn’t let it slow her down though and they actually stood a chance of surviving this leg of the race, but grandma just couldn’t get her speed up after getting kicked.

Our cops, of course, finished 9th place so I am betting they are out next week.  They are slow, out of shape, and not that bright.  They passed up an obvious sign to the next clue because it did not read exactly the same.

I’m not willing to give in that the cowboys will be the winner this season, but they may last longer than I originally thought.  I’m still going with Jeff and Jordan for the win, because they did have the good idea to look for faster bus routes.


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