So some answers tonight, yay Lost, along with more questions, boo Lost!  A much better episode than last week, I’m going to hit the high points for you:

  • Smoke Locke has been keeping Richard tied up in a sack in a tree.  He cuts him down and Richard asks why he chose the form of John Locke.  He says to get close to Jacob because John was a chosen one.  Richard doesn’t know what this is.  Smoke Locke is shocked that Jacob didn’t tell him everything and Richard as just as shocked as he felt he knew everything.  Smoke Locke gives him a second chance to follow him, Richard declines.
  • Smoke Locke goes and finds Sawyer.  Sawyers drunk and angry and not that suprised to learn Smoke Locke is not real.  He even says he can tell because Smoke Lock is not scared like John Locke.  He agrees to go with Smoke Locke after Smoke Locke agrees to give him answers.
  • While in the jungle Smoke Locke sees a young boy, chases him, and is told by the boy “You know the rules, You can’t kill him”.  Smoke Locke yells at him and tells him “Do not tell me what I can’t do!”.  Who is this little boy?  No idea, he is blond, maybe Aaron?
  • Illiana is leading the leftover island people to bury John Locke and tells them that the smoke monster cannot take another form and that he is stuck as John Locke.  Don’t know why, maybe cause he killed Jacob?
  • Smoke Locke leads Sawyer down a rock cliff, of course Sawyer almost falls, but of course he can’t be killed, he is too hot for that!  Smoke Locke takes him to a cave with a table.  On that table is a scale balanced by one black rock and one white rock (can you say symbolism!!).  Smoke Locke throws the white rock off the cliff, when asked why, he says “Its an inside joke”.  Funny Smoke Locke.
  • Further into the cave is where the good stuff starts.  Jacob has carved all kinds of crazy things on the ceiling.  Turns out its peoples names with numbers next to them.  Some of them are crossed out except for the following:  8 Reyes, 16 Jarrah, 15 Ford, 42 Kwan, 23 Shepard, 4 Locke.  Recognize those numbers, you should, those are THE NUMBERS next to the last name of our plane crash people.  Notice some names are missing, guess some people are not chosen.
  • Smoke Locke tells Sawyer his name is up there because he is chosen and he has three options.   Take over protection of the island (he claims there is nothing to protect against), do nothing and let things play out (then he crosses out Lockes name), or walk away and leave the island.  Sawyer of course chooses to leave.
  • No answer for what the numbers mean, just told that Jacob liked numbers.  Smoke Locke also tells us that everyone met Jacob and he set a series of events in motion so even though people thought they were making choices they were really just following a pre-determined path.
  • Back in 2004 non-island time Locke is fired because he was supposed to go to a conference in Australia, not a walk-about.  As he is leaving some asshole parked too close to his handicap van.  Turns out its Hurley, he owns the box company, when he finds out Locke got fired he tells him to go to his temp agency and get a job.
  • Locke goes but doesn’t like his counselor and demands a supervisor. (BTW that counselor—the psychic who was supposed to help Hurley!).  The supervisor is Rose!  She still has terminal cancer and sets John straight about job expectations.
  • Locke becomes a substitute teacher, wanna know who is co-worker is?  Benjamin!!  I believe I called last week that he would show up, i’ll take my pats on the back now.
  • Locke is engaged to Helen in this reality and he is not bitter about being paralyzed.
  • This all just continues to strengthen my resolve that all of these people are destined to be together and nothing can stop that!

New Predictions:

  • Some Juliet back story coming next week
  • We find out it is significant that some peoples names are not on the ceiling meaning they can get off the island
  • 2-3 more episodes before timelines cross
  • There was significance in the way teacher John Locke told teacher Ben that he was “The substitute” and then the camera froze on his face.  A little warning that he knows he is not the real John Locke
  • Which leads to a new theory that when timelines cross, some of the island people will be real (my guess those with their names on the ceiling) and some 2004 people will end up being real (those without their names on the ceiling).

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