Not going to do a full recap of Amazing Race each week, but I will be posting to let you know how everyone did and who got eliminated.  Plus we will see if my favorite team changes as the season goes on:

Brent and Caite: Recognize that girls face?  Probably not because she was a little bit blonder the last time you saw her and she was wearing a pageant gown. That is the girl who represented South Carolina in Miss Teen USA and made an ass out of herself with her horrible answer to why the world can’t identify locations on a map.  She is not doing much better on the Amazing Race.  Caite and Brent (who is a model, can’t you tell?) hit the mat in second place but incurred a 30 minute penalty because they didn’t read the rules and decided to just walk down instead of riding down like they were supposed to.  They are dumb, and an annoying dumb at that, but I am giving them good odds to make it far in this race.  Not my pick for the win, but the people we don’t want to see make it seem to last the longest.

Jeff and Jordan:  Jeff and Jordan are old pros at reality television having met on Big Brother.  Jordan actually ended up winning the season.  That may be a handicap for them because the other racers really don’t seem to like people who have won other shows. (i.e. Boston Rob, but that could have just been personality)  Plus no one seems to really be mentioning that she won.  This team is dumb like Caite and Brent, but not annoyingly dumb.  They know they don’t get some obvious things but are not afraid to ask.  I’m going with this Big Brother duo for the win.

Steve and Allison: Super cute Dad and daughter team that seem to actually get along.  Not a lot to say about them at this point, they will probably be middle of the pack and make it for a few episodes. Funniest moment of the night for them was when they had to paint a house and went inside one and started painting much to the shock and confusion of the work crew inside.

Jet and Cord: These cowboys could go either way on the Amazing Race. They made a dumb move at the start of the show by exchaning their money for Brazilian money even though they were going to Chile.  But they managed to recover quickly and did a good job the challenge.  I’m putting them at the middle of the pack.  If they wise up they might stand a chance of getting to the last 5 teams.

Monique and Shawne:  I think Monique and Shawne want to be more of a factor in this game than they will be.  Didn’t really stand out in this first round.  They might be middle of the pack players, unless they are hiding some agression and game play we have not seen yet.  I think I am going to count them as our dark horse, they will ride and along and barely survive each leg.

Louis and Michael: Our cops are that cocky team who came out saying they were going to win every leg and of course did not win or even come close on the first leg.  They are entertaining and more athletic than I anticipated.  They will probably last 2-3 more episodes.

Carol and Brandy: Our lesbian duo for this stage of the race.  They are not as funny as they think they are and have the potential to be the bitches of this version.  Not as strong as they think they are either, probably got 3 or 4 episodes left before elimination.



Jordan and Daniel: These guys are probably going to be final 2 or 3 and will probably give us some of the best “don’t yell” at me moments.  They incurred the second penalty of the night when they dropped a paint brush and didn’t pick it up.  They will have to start paying attention to details to survive the race.


Jody and Shannon:  Jody and Shannon probably have one episode left in them.   While Nanna is a tri-athlete I just don’t think she can make it more than one episode and would have been out this episode had another team not dropped out of the race earlier.

Joe and Heidi: Joe and Heidi are that team where I think we will be shocked at how Joe treats Heidi.  That is if they make it much farther.  Joe gives off a very creepy control vibe with Heidi.  He will definately be the douche of the season, but I think this team will probably be out in two more episodes.



Dana and Adrian: Our eliminated team of the night.  Someone has to go first and I was not shocked it was these two.  The minute he stepped on the cables to walk I knew he was in trouble.  Goodbye Dana and Adrian, just think in a few weeks no one will even recognize you at the finish line!


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