Hope and Faith

The episode starts off with Sasha lighting a fire under the girls because the National Team won in London without them.  The Rock girls better step it up if they want to go to China.  Then, what do you know Lauren starts to give the third degree about gifts from her mother’s boyfriend.  Man, she gets on my last nerve!

At the doctors office, they discuss the pros and cons of having a procedure to heal Payson’s back.  The procedure could have Payson back on the mat within the year.  Everyone but the mom is on board, of course!  The way Kim feels about the procedure and being the bad guy causes her to tell Mark to go back to Minnesota.  Of course, this is overheard by Payson.

Lauren goes to see Chloe to talk about her dad’s “sex addiction.”  What is wrong with this girl!  Due to Payson overhearing her parents argument she decided not to have the surgery.  Marty is back to have practice with the National Team and tells Sasha he doesn’t have to be around.  Sasha let’s Marty know that he will stick around for the interest of his girls!  I hope they don’t let Sasha down.  Kelly Parker is annoying but not as much as Lauren.  I am surprised they are not bff’s.

Back at the Keeler house, the debate of the surgery goes on.  Payson finally confesses that the surgery is tearing her family apart.  She confesses that she doesn’t want to do it due to the fear in her mother’s eyes.

Thanks to Lauren, Kelly Parker knows about Kaylie’s mom and Marty!  Way to go.  She also steals Emily’s phrase ( I am a winner, I deserve) to get under her skin.  Lauren is not a friend to anyone and only cares about herself.  It is disgusting! Kaylie let Marty have it about having an affiar with her mother.  Emily found out by accident who her mother’s boyfriend is and then her and Lauren get in a pushing bout.  There should have been blood drawn!  Sasha finally finds out from Summer about Marty and Kaylie’s mom. 

All this drama causes Kaylie to leave practice and the rest of the girls to crash in burn during practice.  This makes Kelly Parker happy.  Now I am not sure who is more evil Kelly Parker or Lauren.  Then out of nowhere Sasha punches Marty in the face!  Great!  Kaylie’s mom decided to tell her husband about her affair.  Kim went to see the doctor again and gets a speech on her negative faith.  Chloe decides to call it off with Steve because Emily is her priority.  By the way where is Brian?

Sasha called a meeting for the girls at the gym.  Sasha confesses that he screwed up by not controlling his emotions.  This private practice was called to help the girls focus.  Kim’s true feelings come out that she feels that everything was her fault when it comes to Payson’s injury.  Good old Mark gives her the comfort that she needs to agree to procedure. 

At the practice for the National Committee the girls kill it!  The six girls that are going to go to China included Lauren.  What the heck!  Why not Kaylie and Emily.  Sasha confronts the committee and they want to support Kelly Parker.  Sasha informs Emily and Kaylie about the committee thinking they are a renegade gym.  What is going to happen next!  This is getting interesting.

We see Payson in the hospital getting prepped for her procedure.  I hope everything turns out okay and that Payson doesn’t forget her new friends form public school!


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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  1. Sunshine says:

    Where is Paysons sister??? Maybe she ran away with Brian’s!

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