Happy Valentine’s Day!  It is a Valentine’s celebration on Modern Family in this episode.  Phil and Claire exchange cards while Jay gives Gloria earrings and tickets to see a comedian.  To bad Gloria wanted to go salsa dancing.  I can see this train wreck coming because the comedian is known for his observations.  Lily is dressed as an angel  as Mitchell looks on.  Cameron thought it was a nice surprise but Mitchell says Lily is dressed up for every holiday.  Dylan even brings a rose for Haley’s mom, while Haley’s picture is a huge photo turned into a painting of Haley and Dylan laying down together.

Claire comes up with the idea that her and Phil should change their traditional plans and do some role-playing by meeting at a hotel bar.  Mitchell is so focused on work that he ignores Cameron’s attempts to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Cameron volunteered them to watch Manny while Jay and Gloria go out.  Of course, Manny is in crisis because he gave a poem to a crush and someone else claimed the glory!

Phil’s role playing was horrible!  Cameron decides to help Manny claim his love so they go to a restaurant to claim his love.  Mitchell complains of Cameron being dramatic and of course he becomes more dramatic!  “We need a plan.”  This was great.  At the comedy show of course Jay becomes the joke with the age difference between him and Gloria.

Claire goes and gives Phil all of her clothes and underwear and they head to a hotel room.  Manny gets help from a distraction from Cameron so that he can tell his crush the truth.  Mitchell finally jumps in because “he’s a lawyer”  and he talks about taking ownership from work that is not yours and then points his finger and says shame.  In the end, Manny is not chosen and he says, ” let’s get out of here this chick is crazy!” 

Back at the hotel Claire’s coat get’s stuck on the escalator and they run into one of Phil’s co-workers and many others try to help them.  Everyone suggests taking off her coat but they don’t know she is naked!  Gloria and Jay talk about their relationship and if Gloria will be there as Jay gets old and if Jay will be there if she gets fat.  They decide to ditch the comedy show and go salsa dancing.  On their way out they run into Claire and Phil and then Jay realizes she is naked.  Gloria helps her by covering Claire with her coat and she said ,”this has happened to me before.”

Happy Valentine’s Day.  I need the show to pick it back up!  Some parts are funny but it is no longer me laughing or smiling the whole time.  How was it for you?


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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