Elizabeth’s Recap:

Sayid is alive!  Hurley is convinced that the water worked.  Everyone was trying to figure out what happened.  Sawyer was trying to figure out how many guards were in the temple so that he could run.  Flash to the airport, we pick back up where Kate hijacks the cab.  I don’t know who this Kate is because she kick’s Claire out of the cab, takes her purse and then yelled at her when Claire asked if she could get her suitcase.  On the island, Sayid’s wound is almost completely closed.  Sayid thanked Jack for saving his life not knowing what is going on.  The temple people want to speak to Sayid alone, then all hell breaks loose.  Sawyer gets his hand on a gun and the temple people’s leader said, ” you have to stay.”  Sawyer replied, “no, I don’t” and then looked at Kate and said, “don’t come after me.”  Sawyer has really lost it since Juliet’s death.  Kate volunteers to track Sawyer and convince him to come back.  Jin also volunteers to go and two temple men as well.  Yay Aldo and Justin are a funny odd couple.

Back in the airplane time, Kate was going to change into some of Claire’s clothes when she realizes her bag is filled with baby stuff.  Duh, she didn’t see that Claire was about to pop with a baby!  On the island it looked like Sayid was about to be tortured but the temple crew’s leader was doing experiments, no definitely torture!  Sayid was whining why was he doing this.  Now I am sure this is not Sayid because he would not whine!  The temple crew was testing him and he passed, even though this was a lie.  What the heck is going on!

Airplane Kate goes back to find Claire and give her luggage back.  Kate then offered to take Claire to the family that is going to adopt her baby.  Back on the island Kate escapes from Aldo and Justin by knocking them out.  Sayid is reunited with Jack and Hurley and tells them of the torture.  This sets Jack off and he goes all badass on the temple leaders.  The temple leaders say that Sayid is infected and tell Jack to get Sayid to take a pill.  They then said that he has to take it willingly.  The main temple guy then guilts Jack into giving Sayid the pill.  If you ask me it was really easy for them to convince Jack.  Miles and Hurley ask Sayid crazy questions about being dead.  The best was when Hurly asked if he was a zombie.  They left to go eat and Jack and Sayid had a heart to heart.  Sayid tells Jack he trusts him and will take the pill if he wants him to do so.    Kate and Jin have a talk about who they care about because Jin is trying to find Sun.

We then go back to Claire and Kate and as they pull in front of the families house, Claire asks Kate to come with her.  They found out that the wife’s husband left her and she changed her mind about the baby.  Claire then goes into labor!  On the island Kate found Sawyer in his old house digigng up a box.  The box contained  some piece of cloth.  Back in airplane time Claire goes to the hospital and guess who her doctor is… Ethan Goodspeed!  On the island Kate confesses that she wants Sawyer to help her find Claire.  Claire is the reason she came back because she wants Aaron to have his mother.  Kate then took the blame for Juliet’s death.  Sawyer said it was not her fault but his because he convinced her to stay on the island because he didn’t want to be alone.  Sawyer was going to ask Juliet to marry him.  This is a sad scene we see with Kate and Sawyer on the dock.  Sawyer leaves Kate telling her she can probably make it back to the temple by nightfall.  We find out that the temple leader’s name was Togan.  He was brought to the island and realizes that Jack didn’t give Sayid the pill.  Jack said he didn’t because he doesn’t know what is in it.  Togan asks Jack to trust him.  Jack then takes the pill and Togan beats the pill out of him.  Togan then confesses that the pill has poison in it.  Why are they trying to kill Sayid!?!

In airplane time Claire and Kate bond and Kate says she should keep him.  They wished each other good luck and then Kate left.  On the island Togan reveals that they think Sayid has been “claimed” by a darkness.  Everything that Sayid was will be gone.  This sounds very interesting.  Togan then tells Jack the same thing happened to his sister (Claire)!  What!!  We catch up to Jin who is caught by Justin and Aldo.  When Jin tried to escape he got caught in a trap.  The next thing we see is Justin and Aldo being shot by a woman…Claire!!!  Is it Claire or a dark force. 

When will they start telling us some answers?

Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • Not the best episode of Lost, the island was way more intesting than real world which could pose a problem as the season goes on, I think that the two timeslines will converge soon, probably within the next few episodes.
  • Love that Aldo is played by the guy from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  I also enjoy that the story lines are starting to cross backover, with Aldo remembering Kate from when she was trapped in a cage back in 2006.
  • Claire called her baby Aaron in 2004!  Very interesting.  Also the fact that the potential adoptive family couldn’t take the baby only adds to the validity of the fortune teller telling Claire she has to care for Aaron.  I think this is part of the problem in island world because Kate has Aaron and Claire is supposed to.
  • My thought is that when the “darkness” takes over the person breaks loose from whatever is holding them to the island.  Which leads to my original theory that all of these people have no choice but to be on this island and that our 2004 real world people are all going to cross paths and end up together again.
  • Which leads to Ethan Goodspeed, seeing him in 2004 just confrims my theory from last week that all the island people are meant to be with each other no matter where they are.  My guess for next week…..an appearnce from Ben or Juliet in the “real world” timeline.
  • I still think both “realities” are real, “real-world” is a true reality as is the island.  They will both converge in real time soon.
  • Interesting that Aldo refers to Jin as not being “one of them”.  Its that mystery list that the others keep carrying.  My far out theory for the week:  the list contains the names of the plane people who are actually the original inhabitants of the island, hence their inability to escape the island for good.  (Kind of like when the smoke monster/Locke just announced last week he was leaving when he hasn’t been able to in years, he needs these plane people in place to escape)
  • One other thought: Claire looks like Rousseau which isn’t that weird to me, but isn’t it interesting that their life stories align?!  Both have lost children, both left to fend for themselves on this island.  Do the stories of any of our other plane crash victims coincide like that?

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