Tonight was the Greek softball tournament.  ZBZ needs the blue ribbons points from this event to make their way back to the top, but they also need to pair with a strong house.  Gamma Si is calling Omega Chi because the top houses always work together.  Casey wants to pair with the KT’s but Ashley isn’t so sure.  Turns out that since Evan is dating Rebecca he can get his house to choose ZBZ.  So it ends up being Gamma Si and KT’s and ZBZ with Omega Chi.  ZBZ ends up winning because Cappy tells Casey he will throw her easy pitches and she can strike out so he can use the win as part of his revenge on Omega Chi.  Casey doesn’t want to throw the game and decides to hit a grand slam winning for ZBZ.  Cappy seems upset by this, then seems fine at Dobblers, but then Casey is worried later on about if she did the right thing.  Personally, I think its dumb because its just a softball game, but I guess the show needs a reason for drama between Casey and Cappy.

Rusty is still struggling as pledge educator, I’m not sure why because I thought last week we established that he was in control.  But anyway, he is also having issues with Calvin’s new boyfriend Grant.  Grant and Rusty have never gotten along but Calvin keeps pushing the issue.  They hang out but things don’t go well.  Rusty decides he would rather hang out with Calvin alone but Calvin doesn’t like that.  Rusty and Grant bond at the softball game and seem to be on their way to friendship.
Cutest moment of the night had to be when Ashley went on a “date” with Beaver.  He went straight for the grope at the batting cages and then was forced by Cappy to apologize and ask Ashley on an appropriate date.  When he is ready to do it Ashley already has a new guy, Beaver appears to be heart broken until a cute blond walks by and Beaver moves on.

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