Last night Chuck and Sara hit another road block in the relationship.  Turns out agent Shaw has a thing for Sarah and she does have her “hero type” and of course has a thing for him too.  But don’t feel bad for Chuck because Hannah is making her moves on him too. 

We open the episode with Agent Shaw trapped in a vault with air quickly running out and the only person who can save him (without blowing up the vault) is Chuck and his intersect.    Chuck goes to the museum under the quise of a Nerd Herd call, unfortunately Hannah really wants to be trained and follows him there.  They work on the vault and save Shaw but they have to come back that same night to make sure the system doesn’t go down during the unveiling of the mask.  Turns out the Ring has planted a poisonous gas inside the mask base and are going to try and steal it on the same night that Agent Shaw goes back in to get it.

So, Chuck and Hannah are working the system when Hannah decides to make out with Chuck.  They are cute together, but it didn’t seem like the most appropriate time.  While they are making out she spots Chucks’ ex in the lobby and wants to know if she is just there to make Chuck jealous.  Chuck looks at the surveilance tape and of course flashes on a Ring operative.  He goes out to tell Sarah but on the surveillance tape, from Hannah’s point of view, it looks like he is being the jealous ex.  Shaw recognizes the ring agent and nows he can’t do the mission without compromising it.  So Chuck pairs up with Sara.  They go in to retrieve the mask and have a heart to heart about there new significant others.  Both try to play it off but it is clear they have found someone new in their lives.

Of course things go horribly wrong.  They security system goes down (thanks to Chuck) and poor Hannah has to try and fix it, while Shaw works to keep it down.  The switch gets made, but Chuck and Hannah are on security tape and the Ring decides to go after Hannah. 

Chuck is ready for the big rescue of Hannah but before he can get the mask to give back, Sara and Shaw open it and poison themselves.  Chuck goes for the antidote with Casey as back up.  They manage to save Hannah, Shaw saves Sara, and Casey gets to be disgusted by all the lovey dovey crap in his spy world.

Meanwhile,  Morgan and Ellie are trying to figure out what Chuck is up too.  They think he is spiraling out of control after Sara dumped him, but ulitimately they find him making out with Hannah and assume that he has been weird because of his secret girlfriend.  Morgan is of course heartbroken because he wanted Hannah.  It should make for an interesting dynamic between Morgan and Chuck.

No new Chuck until March 1st.  So enjoy the Olympics and I will be back with more Chuck wrap-ups in March!


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