The Saints won the super bowl!!!  Way to go Saints, much deserved and one of the better super bowl matchups I have seen in a while.   And we got some ok commercials see below for a rundown of what I liked and didn’t like:

Best of the Night: This has to go to Snickers and Betty White.  There is no one hotter than Betty White right now when it comes to comedy and this snickers ad absolutely killed.  It was also one of the first of the night and the fact that it held out as my favorite all night long really says something about Betty’s appeal.  Betty White can do no wrong!

Runner-Up for Best of the Night: The Doritos kid.  When he slapped that guy and said you don’t touch my momma and you don’t touch my doritos I actually chuckled.  I don’t think you can go wrong with a bad-ass kid.

What was the controversy about: Tim Tebows ad from Family Focus had all the controversy to the run up of the superbowl but when it ran was cut down to nothing.  I don’t know if this was the plan all along but it took me a minute to realize it was that ad.  Tim ran in and tackled his mom and for a minute I thought it was a joke ad.

I feel sorry for: Bridgestone.  They sponsored the half-time show and yet there ads were pretty weak.  The only one I remember clearly is the one where the guys rescued the whale (apparently equating to the best bachelor party ever) and the second ad I can’t even remember what it was about.

End of an era: Is Budweiser at the end of its super bowl era?  The commercials last night were okay, the bud house, end of the world (it did have the doc from Lost!), autotune with T-Pain, Bridge Out Bud rescue, Bud Book Club, were all classic Bud but just weren’t that funny or memorable.  The clydesdales didn’t come until almost the end of the game and it was cute as usual with the clydesdale and the cow becoming best friends.

Where are the pants: Careerbuilder and Dockers did pantsless commericals back to back.  Careerbuilder had some funny ads again this year, this particular one about casual Fridays gone to far.  Then immediately after that Dockers ran an add with guys singing about no pants wearing no pants with the upshot being that Dockers is giving away free pants.

Best CBS Show Plug: Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. He holds up a sign at the super bowl with his phone number on it (1-877-987-6401).  Of course it makes you want to call, and I did.  I know have a date with Barney on October 16th 2016 at 3:45 am.  It was cute and effective, plus if you want to see how it ends you have to watch How I Met Your Mother, I probably won’t but it was still good.

Talk of the next day, but really not that exciting: Leno, Letterman and Oprah on a couch together.  It was a little suprising but not earth shattering, but guarantee it will get all the coverage.

Guilty Pleasure: Those damn E*Trade babies get me every year!  My favorite of the night being Baby E*Trade trying to convince his girlfrient that he spent the night at home trading stocks,but she knows he spent it with the milk-a-holic other woman.  This was was cute, the second one with them all crying, not so much.

Best Self-Awareness: Brett Favre getting his 2020 MVP award and talking about how hard it is to be older than everyone on the field and in the stands.

Best use of little people: Dr. Pepper with Kiss and Mini-Kiss.  Not a great commercial but I do love me some Mini-Kiss.

Throwback to childhood games: VW punchbug commercial.  Nice use of punching and you can’t beat Stevie Wonder being able to play the game and call out the color.

Best Use of Screaming Chickens: Well, only Denny’s used them, but it was good.  Especially as the gag ran on through the night with them appearing in seemingly normal commericals.  Chicken screaming in space the best by far.

Hit or Miss: Doritos took a risk this year by letting consumers write the commercials.  They had there funny moments, the best being the kid that I mentioned above.  All had one funny bit but them seemed to just go one step too far.

Get your manhood back: A lot of focus on taking back your manhood.  Dove, Dodge Charger, FloTV particularly seemed to be pushing this.  Favorite line from the Dodge Charger commercial: “I will watch your Vampire TV shows.”

Simpsons: Coke did a good commercial with the cast of the Simpsons (spider pig/harry plopper as you prefer!).  Cute and effective.

Simplest Commercial: Google had the home run with there basic commercial were we see a guys whole life pass by with the use of the search engine.  Its something I use everyday so it worked for me.

Amazing Race: Amazing Race premieres next Sunday!!  I wish it had been the show to premiere after the superbowl.

That’s all I have for commercials, I know I missed some, and some I just ignored.  What did you all think? What was your favorite? Least favorite? Check out to see them all.

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