The Book of Eli was an interesting film but If I didn’t know what the movie was about going into it, I may have been lost until the very end.  The movie has a very religious tone and connections to it so that made it interesting.

Eli, played by Denzel Washington, is in postapocalyptic America is traveling West because a voice told him to do so.  Maybe this voice is the voice of God?  Eli  is in possesion of the last copy of the Bible and the voice told him that if he protects the book and travels west no harm will come to him.  We then follow Eli on his travel as he encounters bandits and hannibals and he finally reaches a town where he is trying to get supplies.  This town is ruled by Carnegie, Gary Oldman’s character who is collecting books looking for a specfic one.  In this town Eli makes friends with Mila Kunis’ character, Solara, unwillingly.  The rest of the film is Carnegie chasing Eli for the book.  Eli gives in in order to save Solara’s life but Eli is still shot by Carnegie.  The outlaws head back to the town without some trouble caused by Solara who takes one of the vehicles to go back to Eli.  When she finds him they travel to Alcatraz, which is where books are being reprinted. 


We then go back to the town to see that Carnegie finally gets the Bible to open but it is written in braile so he is unable to read it.  That’s right folks, Eli has been blind since “the flash.”  All of that butt kicking and walking was done using his other senses.  While he is figuring this out he learns that the town is uprising against him.  We go back to Alcatraz to see that Eli has memorized the Bible and is reciting it to be re-written.  When he is finished he dies and Solara returns home to her mother Claudia.  FYI, Cluaidia was played by Jennifer Beals!

I give this film 2/ 5 stars.


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