Save the Last Dance

Carter informs Lauren that her dad has been brining dates to the house.  At the gym Sasha is trying to get Kaylie to increase her difficulty for China.  Carter volunteers his time to help Kaylie take it to the next level.  Of course, this makes Lauren crazy jealous.  Payson’s new BFF Heather recruits the girls to help with prom decorations.  Payson’s parents struggle with telling Payson about the doctor from Europe.  I can’t believe Payson’s dad is all, ” what she don’t know wont hurt her.”  What is that?

Heather suggests that the girls go to Prom and they are super excited, that is everyone but Payson.  Mark tells Kim that the doctor was going to be in Boulder and they decide to tell Payson.  At the pizza shack, Emily and Razor have a conversation about ho’s before bros and low and behold Damon is there!  Lauren pops up and invites Emily, Carter and Razor to the prom. 

Carter convinced Kaylie to try her new move without the harness and she stuck it!  I hope they can make up and be together again.  Chloe is able to convince Emily to go to prom.  She is more excited than Emily.  Steve offers to have his “personal shopper”  buy Emily’s dress.  Boy are they getting serious fast.  The Keeler’s meet with the doctor (don’t know her name) and Kim stops the doctor in her tracks and decides they are done meeting her.

Heather continues to just walk into the Keeler house like an 80’s sitcom!  The band has swine flu but Payson knows a band!  Now the roles have switched and Kim is the one holding Payson back and Mark wants her to move forward.  Nosey Lauren sees Emily’s dress thinking that it is hers so this is how she finds out who her dad is dating.

Payson is able to go to prom without her back brace.  She and her parents are so thrilled.  All the girls are pumped except for Lauren, because of the dress.


What the heck, Ike showed up at prom and was all ,” Payson you look awesome.”  He apologized and asked her dance it was like the twilight zone but it was cute.  Kaylie gets asked by Carter to dance and turns him down but as soon as she next cutie comes by she says yes.  Burn!  Then Carter goes to Lauren trying to get a dance but she turns him down.  Poor Carter, I feel bad for him but then he cuts in on Kaylie’s dance.  Way to man up, I guess.  They have an in depth conversation about where there relationship is not going and Carter decides he is moving on.

Razor introduced Emily as his stunning date as she walks in.  She freaks out when she sees the band is “The Shelter Pups.”  Damon was all, why didn’t you tell me Emily would be here and Razor was all like I didn’t think you would come.  Damon decided to sing a song that he wrote for Emily but nothing coms out of his mouth and he ran off stage with Emily chasing him.  This made me laugh out loud.  Why is he such a freak?  He then confesses that he was in jail for buying stolen equipment that he didn’t know was stolen.  Razor came outside to tell Emily that her and Damon are in love.  LAME!!

Lauren is beginning to plot on how to break her dad and Chloe up.  She was all down and out wanting someone to chose her.  Carter then turned up the music and asked her to dance.  Sweet, but I don’t want Carter to be with Lauren.

In the end Payson’s parents told her about the doctor.


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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