Haley broke up with Dylan because he was an idiot, while Alex is recycling for a cause.  Then the family talked about how Claire used to work.  Mitchell helps his dad out when Gloria was in a car wreck.  Funny moment, Cameron- ” My dream is for Mitchell to be part of the Supreme Court.  Mitchell- “Why?”  Cameron- ” So I can say my partner is one of the Supremes!”

Cameron and Jay headed out to the gym for a racquetball game.  In the locker room they both turn around and as Cameron said, “Just had a moon landing.”  This is where two butts touch.  Cameron then said if they had just gotten out of the shower it would have been called a splash landing.  Gross!!

 Mitchell goes with Gloria, Manny and Lily when Manny gets Mitchell alone to say that the car wreck was his mother’s fault.  Mitchell then looked at Lily and said, “did you hear that?”  Everyone is aware of Gloria’s bad driving except for Gloria!  Back at the gym Jay is defeated by Cameron and blames it on being distracted from the moon landing.  Claire is at lunch with an old friend, Valerie, played by Minnie Driver who is a successful businesswoman.  Claire tries to convince herself that Valerie was jealous of her life or was it not jealous.  Back at the house Phil tells Alex a story about Yager and compared it to potions in a fairytale.  Phil- “Instead of waking up in a castle you wake up in a frat house!”  Haley is still ordering Dylan to stay away.  Haley thinks that Dylan cheated and started throwing things out of the window at Dylan.  Claire took Valerie to the house when this happens and found that Alex is chasing a rat, Luke is almost naked, peed on the floor and was drinking yager to kiss girls.  Haley and Dylan then made up and was making out on their way upstairs.  When Claire finds Phil trapped in a portable she finally loses it on her family.  The one time she brought someone home to impress.

Back at the gym Jay had a splash down with some random guy and thought it was Cameron.  He then continues to do it as a joke until he hears Cameron talking to him and realizes he was putting his butt on a random person.

This was not the best episode but it was pretty funny.


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