It’s back!!  The show opened up with Jacob and his Nemesis, then Fake Locke killing Jacob and then Juliet setting off the H-bomb.

First Hour

As the smoke cleared we saw Jack on an airplane and if you remember Cindy she is his flight attendant who offers him a drink.  Characters that we have not seen are back on the plane:  Rose, Bernard and Desmond.  We then traveled under water to find a desolate village that was the island!

We then were taken back to the events before Juliet was dragged down the shaft to set the bomb off.  We then see Kate waking up in a tree?  Her ears were ringing from the sound of the explosion.  She ran into Miles and realized that they were back and not in 1977 but at the Swan Hatch.  She finds Jack lying on the ground confused.  Was the airplane a dream?  We then spend the episode traveling back and forth between the plane, the island after Jacob is killed and the island after the h-bomb.  Sawyer came out of nowhere and kicks Jack into the hole that was once the Swan Hatch.  He was showing some true anger over Juliet’s death and Jack being wrong.

We are back on the plane and guess who is all there Kate, Sawyer and Hurley.  Other characters are also on board and it is good to some of them more than others.  Traveling back and forth from the present time to the time before the plane crash. Back on the island Juliet is found alive!  Sayid on the other hand was not looking so good.  While Hurley is trying to protect himself and Sayid with a gun (which he has no idea how to use) he sees Jacob.  Alive and well I guess.  Jacob asks Hurley if he has a minute.

Oh what do you know we go back to the plane to see a pessimistic Boone (Ian Somehalder, who is now on Vampire Diaries).  I really think he looks like a young Robe Lowe.  On the island we see Ben and Fake Locke in the cabin and Fake Locke ordering Ben to get Richard.  Illana and Bram tell Richard that they need to see Jacob when they are interrupted by Ben retrieving Richard.  The best look is when Richard tells Ben to go see Locke and he takes him to the body that Illana and Bram showed him.

As the rest of the group was frantically trying to get to Juliet, Jacob explains to Hurley that he was killed by an old friend who grew tired of his presence.  He then gave Hurley instructions to bring Sayid to the temple to save his life and to take the guitar case he gave him.  There goes Hurley seeing dead people again.  As everyone is reunited in the effort to get to Juliet, Sawyer tells Kate, “If she dies I will kill him” (Jack). 

For a bitter-sweet moment we see Charlie not breathing in the bathroom of the plane.  Jack and Sayid are trying to revive him along with the help of Claire.  Of course Charlie was choking on his drugs but he is alive!  I hated it when he drowned for no reason. 

On the island, Sawyer is able to get to Juliet who is very bloody but responsive.  I almost wanted to cry during Juliet and Sawyer’s exchange it was heart-warming.  Juliet confessed to hitting the bomb so Sawyer could go home.  Up top, Jack looks at Sayid and Hurley says he knows what to do thanks to Jacob.

Ben tells Richard to go inside the cabin.  Bram drags Ben inside to see Fake Locke (the Nemesis).  Bram tries to shoot him but he disappears and the black smoke monster appears!  He beats up Ben put Bram protects himself with a circle until he was knocked out of it and killed.  Ben, Ben, Ben what have you done?  Jacob’s Nemesis is the monster!  What a battle between good and evil!

After Sawyer kisses Juliet, she says she has something important to tell him but before she can she dies.  Sawyer then gets a crazy I am going to slaughter Jack look.  His face was pretty scary.  Back on the plane Charlie tells Jack he was supposed to die as he is handcuffed.  I love you anyway Charlie! We then see the plane getting ready to land at LAX  and Jack has no idea where Desmond is because he is no longer in his seat.    Everyone is all slow motion getting off the plane.  We get one more look at Boone (young Rob Lowe) which makes me happy.

Second Hour

 On the island Miles and Sawyer go to bury Juliet.  The rest of the group head to the temple.  I wonder if they took Juliet’s body to the temple if she would be healed/ brought back alive.  At the airport Jack is informed that his father’s coffin was not on the plane and they have no idea where it is.  As the group makes it to the temple (cue creepy, dramatic music)  Hurley is the leader he should have always been shows everyone the way underground.  During the process Jack loses everyone only to be taken by an aggressive group who I guess built the temple?

Back at the airport, Kate is beating the crap out of her escort and gets the heck out of dodge with … Sawyer on an elevator.  Sawyer recognizes her from the flight and sees her handcuffs.  As a fellow outlaw he helps her out.    When then go back to the island where Sawyer is finishing Juliet’s grave.  He asks Miles what Juliet wanted to tell her.  Miles seems offended that Sawyer wanted him around because he can speak to ghost.  Miles tries and something weird happens but I don’t know what.  Miles then tells Sawyer that Juliet wanted to tell him “it worked.”

The captured group then meets up with the inhabitants of the temple and are about to be killed until Hurley says, “Jacob sent us!”  The guitar case comes in handy because it holds a wooden symbol with a note that says, “if your friend dies we are all in a lot of trouble.”  They then take Sayid.  At the airport Jin is stopped during a security check due to his cash money!  Sun is asked if she understands any English and she of course says no.  What’s up with that?

Sayid was taken into the temple, where one of the men asks why the water isn’t clear and the leader cut his hand and put it into the water.  I guess he was expecting to be healed by the water.  The group explains if they heal Sayid that there are risk.  Jack responded with, “do what you have to do.”  Two men dunk Sayid in the water and hold him down.  Sayid woke up and fights back but must stay under for a certain amount of time.  Sayid stopped moving and the men brought him out of the water.  Maybe you have to die to be healed?  What do you think?  The men then tell the gang that “your friend is dead.”  What the heck!  Jack then started to do CPR, I don’t think he could take another death on his hands at this point.  Kate was no help with her lack of comfort words.

During Kate’s great escape she hopped in a cab with Claire, played by Emile de Ravin, using a gun to get the cabbie to drive.  The temple people found Sawyer and Miles and the group is back together but only for a short time.  They took Hurley away to find out what Jacob told him.  Hurley informs them that Jacob was dead.  This causes a great commotion in the temple and they shot off fireworks and started to reinforced the walls to keep “him” out.  I am guessing Jacob’s Nemesis, the monster. 

Ben then confronts “the monster” about using him to kill Jacob.  The monster then goes on to tell Ben how Locke was confused why he killed him.  It is kind of weird seeing Bad Locke talk about Dead Locke.  Ben just wanted to know what “the monster” wants.  He then tells Ben he wants to go home.  This is interesting, could he not leave while Jacob was alive.  Jacob could leave the island but I guess “the monster” couldn’t.  At the airport Locke and Jack have a bonding moment.  You know what I just thought about, does Jack on the plane/ at the airport remember everyone because he always has a look as if he does.  Richard and other survivors from the second crash see the fireworks set off by the temple and then the monster appears.  Richard recognizes him and then gets his butt kicked and then he is taken away by the monster as everyone watches.

The temple people then come for Jack to come and talk to them.  Jack being the man that he is was defiant and starts a fight.  Everyone stops because Sayid is alive and wants to know what happened!  If you stayed up like I did and watched Jimmy Kimmel, you may be wondering if it is Sayid, Jacob or something else.

Whoo! I can’t wait for the next episode of this final season.  Also, mark your calendars the last episode airdate is May 23rd 2010.  Yes folks it is on a Sunday!!

Quick Thoughts:


  • Loved how everything on the plane was slightly off from how we knew it was in the pilot episode.  The flight attendant only gave Jack one drink instead of two, Desmond being on the plane, Hurley being very lucky.  It seemed like foreshadowing that while this may be “a reality” it is not meant to be and all of these people will end up in each others lives no matter what. 
  • I liked the alternate timelines.  I thought it really worked and added an intersting twist to the story.
  • Love angry Sawyer and I wonder if he was on that list of people that were supposed to be at the temple.
  • Glad we learned why that sand ring was around Jacobs house.  I guess the smoke monster was out to get him all along.
  • Why was Ben chosen to work with the smoke monster?  Has he been chosen this whole time, because he always seemed to be the only one who could manipulate the smoke monster.
  • Good to see Charlie, Claire, and Boone back.  I do hope we go back to see exactly what happened to Claire at some point.

Elizabeth’s thoughts are within the summary.  I didn’t feel like adding on because there is so  much that was going on that I addressed in the summary!


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