Everything is finally out in the open in Greek land.  When Casey is appointed to investigate the Gamma Si fire she can’t live the with guilt any longer and admits to the Gamma Si president what she did.  Interestingly the Gamma Si president is not interested in turning her in, but instead wants to black mail her into giving up the ZBZ house.  Casey figures out that the Gamma Si president slept with one of the Sing-Off judges and got him to score ZBZ a zero.  Casey brings this information to Katherine who agrees to call it all even.  Casey resigns her post on the Panhellenic council, but I have a feeling she will get it back soon enough.

Ashley decides to hold a geek auction to raise money for Gamma Si.  She of course recruits Rusty and Dale.  She gives out some geek chic makeovers but then loses her cool when Fisher arrives with some other chick.  She calls Rusty out in front of everyone for being a cheater just like every guy on earth, but later apologizes when she realizes he isn’t Fisher. 

Evan and Cappie got booted from their secret society for fighting during a meeting.  They are no closer to making up, but it seems Evan and Casey are getting along as well as Cappie and Rebecca.  And it would appear that Rebecca and Evan are now kind of dating (despite Cappies objections).

Cute episode, still not the best Greek I have seen, but its getting there.

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