Tonight’s Chuck was one of those episodes where all the funny had to really come from the Buy More because it was time for Chuck to get serious.  Chuck got to control his first assett.  His name was Manoosh and he was hired by the Ring to create a new weapon.  Chuck woos him with a Nacho platter but can’t close the deal so Sarah is sent in wearing her “Frak Off” baby tee.  They take Manoosh down but still can’t get him to tell what the weapon is.  Chuck thinks he has found it in but turns out he is very wrong and he has just found a fancy shaving cream dispenser.  Manoosh has created a new intersect and placed it in some sunglasses.  The gang tracks him to a weapons conference where he is selling it to the highest bidder.  Of course the Ring stops him before he can sell, but Manoosh crushes the glasses.  Chuck tries to set him free but knows that ulitimately the Ring will get Manoosh and a new intersect.  So Chuck spys up and has Manoosh locked away for safe keeping.  Sarah is a little heart broken that her good guy is becoming a full on spy.  Its an interesting transition for Chuck to be the strong one and Sarah to be the sensitive one.  It also adds another twist in that relationship dynamic as they seem to be still passing each other without making a real connection.

Meanwhile at the Buy More, Hannah is in town (and that fan machine is in full effect) and working at the Buy More.  Of course the Buy More boys are excited and Chuck attempts to protect her from them, but ulitimately the spy stuff wins and she is left to fend for herself.  Jeff and Lester attempt to latch on immediately, but Morgan turns them into this private spys to find out more about her because he wants to date her.  During his attempted wooing of Hannah Morgan learns that Chuck flew to Paris last week and didn’t tell him.  Turns out Chuck’s sister has also learned this and Captain Awesome is having a hard time keeping the secret of why Chuck would just fly to Paris.  Morgan enlists Jeff and Lester to help spy on Chuck which should make for some interesting and entertaining episodes to come.

One more episode before the Olympics start so make sure you tune in.


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