Loves Me, Loves Me Not


Emily is bumed ou because she hasn’t heard from Damon in 3 days.  If you ask me make it a week or more because you are training for nationals.  Is there some sort of relationship between Kaylie and Nicky?  He offers to help her early in the morning to increase her difficulty.  Speaking of relationships, Summer approached Sasha about having a mixer so that the gymnast wouldn’t sneak around to go out.  Good old Sasha said no.  She pushes that she would like to have the mixer to talk about abstinence.  Let me tell you guys I just came from a week long abstinence conference and now the message is overflowing into my television.  Sasha agrees, only if he will get to talk about sacrifices for  being a gymnast.

This episode reeks of romance:

  • Kaylie and Nicky
  • Summer and Sasha
  • Lauren wishes with Carter
  • Payson and Ike
  • Chloe and Steve

Lauren makes me so mad!  She went to pick up Payson from school and happened to have a magazine turned on a page with Nicky being kissed by Kaylie.  I can’t stand Lauren.  At the pizza shack Razor is in this episode.  Emily got egg on her face when she thought Razor was giving her a valentine but it was just a promotion.  He then asks what would happen if he didn’t leave.  She agreed that there was something but her and Damon have a connection.  Emily asks about Damon and Razor began to ask a little funny.  I hope he is not bad mouthing Damon.  We also get a little musical interlude from Razor to Emily.  Way to sneak in a valentine surprise!  Then what the heck!  Razor goes to Damon to see why he hasn’t called Emily!!!  Damon is back in Boulder at Mixer because he didn’t want Pinky Promise to sing his songs in LA.  Razor was a really good guy trying to talk sense into Damon.  I wonder why Damon will not sing his own songs.

Summer catches Sasha dancing in his trailer.  He is totally dissing Summer’s abstinence message.  She is going off then he kisses her.  Noooo or was Summer showing him how little self control a perfect gymnast (Sasha) can have.  I want to go with Summer proving a point. 

Poor Payson walked in on Nicky and Kaylie practicing on top of each other.  This causes her to give Nicky the cold shoulder.  Oh man, he had a valentine gift for Payson.  Okay abcfamily,  you better get it together!  I don’t like Ike, he is a bad influence.  Payson finally bonds with Heather at school and that brought her to see Ike for what he really is… a loser!  To little to late Payson gets caught with Ike and his crew who were drinking on campus.  She got detention  and then as her mom tries being mad she shows how she changed and is willing to try something else to give her all besides gymnastics.

Kaylie tells Nicky that they can’t happen and that maybe Payson likes him.  He then confesses to being recruited by Denver and is going to leave us! I mean the Rock because of the drama with Payson and with Kaylie. 

We got a peek of Chloe and Steve on another date.  Emily catches Damon as Razor was giving him advice to tell her he was back.  Did I miss something?  Anyone?   Why was Damon at the county jail?  She can no longer trust him and she told Razor that he should have told her.  Will Emily stick to her guns?  I hope so.

We end the episode with the girls having a sleepover at Payson’s along with her school friend Heather.  Payson reveals to Lauren who is a pain about Kaylie and Nicky, that he is moving to Denver.  Poor Carter has not heard from Kaylie but get’s something from Lauren.  A picture of him and his mother in a new frame.  That was kind of sweet.  He then hides in the closet because Steve and Chloe come in to drink boxed wine and make out.  There secret is out!  That is not all the drama.  Sasha calls Payson’s mother to say that a doctor in Geneva may be able to repair Payson’s back!!  Will she tell Payson and get her hopes up again or keep this a secret?


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