In this episode we get to see Orlando Jones playing Foreman’s brother Marcus, who just got out of prison.  House gives him a job as his assistant and Foreman was not happy!  The patients we open up with were a football player (Daryl) that House says is on steroids (not, the team had to look into the case more) and a military man who was stop-loss and did want to leave his 6-month pregnant wife.  House tells the soldier (Scout)basically to suck it up and have his wife get a babysitter till he gets back to see the baby’s first steps.

Even I got freaked out when Wilson walked into the bathroom to find a creepy opossum(prank).  What’s up with that! 

Back at the hospital the team bounced around diagnoses for Daryl.  They decide to go with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and decide to send the patient into cardiac arrest to see if this is correct.  Chase and Taub can’t get the patients heart rate higher than 150 because he is “in shape.”  House then goes to give him a shot to increase his heart rate.  This leads to an interesting exchange:  House- “You’re turning white.”  Mother- “What does that mean?”  House- “He won’t have any trouble getting a job.”  That House, always coming up with zingers.

Scout comes back because he shot himself in the foot.  He shows true emotion about not wanting to live his child without a father.  House still refuses to help him.

House fell trying to get out of the tub because the handrail came out of the wall (prank).  House then declares war on Wilson.

While telling House about how good a man his brother is Marcus accidently informs that he and Foreman’s mother is did.  He asks House to never bring it up if Foreman never mentioned it.  In the meantime Foreman is letting the Daryl and his mother know that he will not be able to play on Saturday for NFL scouts because  he could die without blood thinners to treat him.

The sprinkler’s go off in House and Wilson’s apartment.  Bye, bye flat screen.  Wilson knows that House would never risk the flat screen, so who was the prankster?  House and Wilson call everyone in for an emergency meeting.  House is using a horrible French accent.  House then brought up Foreman’s mother passing.  He then told everyone that she passed  years ago.  Marcus jumped up and was ready to hit House but then quits his job.  This brings the two brothers back together.

Daryl leaves the hospital to go play for the football recruits.  His mother asks Foreman to stop him.  Daryl then starts to have blury vision and asked Foreman to take him back to the hospital.  Scout was informed that he will loose a toe but that will not get him out of going back overseas. 

 The prankster reveals himself.  Cuddy’s boyfriend. Lucas! 

House- “Do you know why you are black?” Daryl- “Because God loves me more than he loves you.”  House- no melanin.”  The diagnosis is skin cancer.    Scout gets his foot removed in order to stay with his wife and child.


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