So, you really had to see Epitaph One to fully understand Epitaph Two.  A lot of the final episode of Dollhouse was based on the faith that only fans are still watching and that those fans had seen Epitaph One which was only available on DVD/Online. 

I liked the final episode of Dollhouse, but I am also speaking as someone who has stuck with this show from the beginning.  It was good closure for a show that has been up and down (looking back, probably  more down than up).  We got to see a conclusion for most of our favorite characters, keeping in mind that Whedon was producing this last part of the season with the change from his couch cushions.

Topher/Adelle: Turns out Topher has went a little crazy in his time working for the heads of the Dollhouse.  I guess when they kill one person in front of you each time you don’t work fast enough it makes a difference in your mindset.  He gets rescued and brought to the safehouse where Adelle takes him under her wing.  Adelle has softened (and taken an unusual interest in gardening) during the time since we saw them try to take down Rossum.  Adelle helps guide Topher back to the LA Dollhouse where he has the stuff he needs to create a cure for all the dolls in the world.  Turns out his cure is a bomb that has to be set off manually.  Topher takes it upon himself to do so.  There was a real sense of peace on Tophers face as he gave his life to undo a small part of the wrong he helped create in the world.  We can assume Adelle will spend her time making amends by helping the newly reformed people in the world who don’t understand what happened to them.

Pria/Anthony: During the time since the gang tried to take down Rossum, Pria and Anthony have had a son.  Anthony has left and become a “tech-head” (he imprints himself with different personalities using USB pins) and is the leader of a tech-head gang.  Their son does not know that Anthony is his dad because Anthony has chosen to isolate himself from his family to save them.  He leads the gang back to the LA dollhouse and chooses his family of his gang.  We end with Pria and Anthony appearing to be the happy family with their son.

Echo/Ballard: So Echo is in two places at once, she is in the body of a 10 year old (who led everyone to adult Echo) and she is in side Carolyn’s body. Seems that Echo and Ballard are back in love, but Echo is not willing to make that connection complete until the world is safe again.  They are working together to save the world, but in classic Whedon fashion one of them has to die.  Unfortunately for us, its Ballard.  In a quick, blink and you missed it death, Ballard takes a bullet to the had while trying to save a fellow soldier.  Echo has to keep moving and gets everyone into the LA dollhouse.  The LA Dollhouse, interestingly enough, is being run by our good friend Alpha.  Turns out he is not as crazy as he once was and even shows some pity for the loss of Ballard.  Echo helps take down Anthony’s gang of Techheads when they try to turn on her, but has a fairly actionless time after her boyfriend got killed.  At the end we see her imprint Ballard into her mind so they can be together forever.  I can’t decide if that is creepy or heartwarming.

And if I didn’t love Dollhouse before:

I do now.  In some of the best casting I have seen in a while (well since Epitaph One) my favorite guy in the whole world was cast in Epitaph Two.  Scut Farkus Zac Ward was cast as Zone.  He was in my all time favorite Christmas movie and now has been in two episodes of one of what I feel has been an underated show.  Not much to say about his story, he did go to the outside world so he could have for 10 year old Echo when she woke up with her real personality and no one to care for her.  It was touching, but I was just glad to see him in something.

So there it is kids, its all over, Dollhouse is no more.  Is it worth it for you to get the DVD’s?  Is it time to just move on and try to fall in love with the next short lived but worthy show?  Me, i’m probably moving on, I said I wouldn’t do it again after Invasion got cancelled but damned if Dollhouse didn’t suck me back in.  Never again will I commit to a show with a short life………unless its really good and Joss Whedon does it 🙂


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