Another good episode of the Vampire Diaries this week.  It was the 50’s Dance at school so we go to see everyone dressed up in there throwback outfits. 

The biggest deal tonight though was the reveal of vampires, birth mothers, and journal secrets. 

So we learn that the chick that has been crushing on Jeremy is a vampire.  We all kind of thought it but last night it was confirmed.  Turns out she has been working with the vampire in the hoodie.  And it turns out he has been tracking Elena because she looks like Katherine (poor Elena that must be getting old).  So hoodie vampire tries to take out Elena but she goes all Buffy on him and stabs him with some pencils then tries to stake him.  She gets stopped but Damon and Stefan show up in time to save her.  They torture hoodie vamp and he admits that there is a way to free the real Katherine and it is in the journal of Elena’s family (or adoptive family as the case may be).

As if that isn’t enough vampire reveals for the night we meet the local bartender played by Sean Faris.  His name is Ben and Bonnie is crushing on him.  She gets up the nerve to ask him out and he agrees (poor Bonnie always after the wrong guy).  So Ben is looking all bad ass and adorable until we see him in the alley.  Vampire chick that was crushing on Jeremy comes running at him likes she is going to eat him but he turns on her in his vampire form.  They then proceed to make out.  So the question is when did Ben turn (because everyone in town knows him as the local football hero) and is he into Bonnie or into this vampire chick?

Matt and Caroline are together finally.  After some angsty crap where Matt whined about still loving Elena, Caroline tells him to get over it.  She leaves but he tracks her down and kisses her in the middle of the street (safety first kids). 

Then to add just one more twist to our night we see Elena’s aunt macking on Alaric.  He talks to her about his dead wife who we find out is named Isabel.  Not a big deal until you realize that Elena’s bio mom’s name is Isabel.  So now the questions are, is Alaric her dad?  Did Damon kill her knowing about Elena being her daughter?  Or is this all a fake out and its just a coincidence that Isabel is her name?

Lots of information given tonight and lots of questions asked.  Can’t wait until next week when we go back to where it all began.


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