Not a whole lot to say about Bones today.  His brother blew back through town with his new girlfriend.  Bones of course thinks his brother is moving to fast with her and does a background check.  She used to be an escort, Bones tells his brother already knew and they end up engaged.

Nigel Murray is the intern this week and for some reason thinks he should be praised for his hard work (even though he knows Bones does not praise people).  A lot of lame side story of him wanting praise and Bones not giving it, then finally giving him some when Cam asks her to.

Booth and Bones had some moments when they were talking about his brother and Bones tells Booth she learned about true love from him and he tells her he learned from her that the heart is just a muscle.  Then at the end she tells Booth’s brother that she has learned what love is by spending time with Booth. 

Not a great episode, not the worst by far.  Hoping from some improvement next week.


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