Greek is back….yay!!  We pick right up where we left off with the ZBZ’s trying to figure out if they burned down the Gamma Si house or not.  Of course all the sisters are freaked out about it but Casey keeps telling them to stay calm until they know for sure.  Turns out it was the candle the girls lit and Gamma Si knows someone was in their house after they all left.  Casey assures them there is no way anyone would know until Ashley admits she still has the clipboard from the house.  The girls all agree to bury the clipboard and keep their mouths shut.  I’m sure it will come out eventually because it seems odd for the show just to let arson be swept under the rug.

Casey and Cappie are together still (yay, again!).  But there is some tension becaue Casey is keeping her arson secret and Ashley is telling her she can’t count on Cappie and that the relationship won’t last (turns out Ashley and Fisher broke up because he cheated again).  Cappie is stressed because 3 of his brothers got expelled for the golf cart incident and Cappie feels responsible because he trusted Evan.  Finally everything comes out in the open and they both seem fine.

With Wade expelled Rusty is looking to take over as pledge educator but it isn’t going well.  He is definately no Wade and Cappie is having a hard time letting go of how Wade handled things and keep undermining Rusty.  Rusty finally calls him out for it and gets to be pledge educator.  We also learn that Rusty won that science grant he wanted!

Grant and Calvin are finally out as a couple but of course the brothers didn’t take it well and put tiaras in front of their door while they are sleeping.  Calvin takes it in stride but Grant gets really upset.  I don’t see this relationship lasting very long at all.

Evan and Rebecca seem to be ready to hook up until Evan sees Casey and Cappie together at the party.  He freezes up on his way to kiss Rebecca and she ends up just walking away.  Evan’s got a lot of guilt to deal with so I’m interested to see if we get back to good Evan of last season or if he going to go back to evil rich Evan.


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