Another great episode of Chuck and probably the best example of how this whole intersect thing would work while still keeping Chuck his normal, clumsy, goofy self.  We had a great guest turn by Kristin Kreuk as Hannah and apparently Chuck’s new love interest.  Agent Shaw sent Chuck on his first solo mission, which as you can imagine did not go quiet as planned but in the end Chuck did manage to accomplish his mission and impressed Hannah enough that she appears to be coming back next week.  I’m still worried she is a double agent, but i’m really hoping not.

Sarah had some trouble dealing with Chuck on a solo mission especially because he was 30,000 feet in the air trapped on a plane.  It was a little shady that Agent Shaw did not prepare Chuck for the fact that his tranq pen would not work well in that cabin pressure, of course maybe he wanted Chuck to work that out on his own. 

Casey had his best turn on the show getting a chance to interact with the Buy More staff.  Lester is holding a grudge against Morgan and has the whole Buy More staff playing pranks on him.  Morgan sees that the staff is afraid of Casey and uses him to intimidate the staff.  Most of the staff give up but Casey ends having to use brainwashing to turn Lester around to be on Morgans side.  It was some great stuff and nice use of Casey.


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