Are We Having Fun Yet?

Payson is getting ready to have her first day at public school.  We then get traumatized by Carter dancing to hip hop music in a towel.  Chloe finds blogs about Emily but of course Emily reads the one negative blog and it throws her off the rest of the episode.  At the gym we see Nicky and Kaylie knock heads again.

Payson meets an awesome boy on her first day.  This could be interesting.  During gym class she gets called out to give tumbling tips to the class.  Of course, the snob crew gives her hell because she is in a brace, but her new boy named Ike saves the day. 

Back at the gym, Sasha planned an open- house to recruit future young gymnast.  With the help of Summer and Claire, Sasha makes the theme about having fun.  He pulls out an applause-o-meter to see who will please the crowd more.

At Payson’s school, Tate, I love that the girls(from the Rock) come to save the day when Payson gets challenged by the cool cheerleaders.  Yay girls!  Best quote from Lauren, ” And bitch girls have buck teeth!”  Payson still was in a funk.  I hope she gets over it soon.

Before the fun-off we see Claire snap and then breakdown in front of Summer.  On the mat Nicky and Kaylie finally bond and come up with their routine.  Chloe gives Emily the encouragement she needs to get out of her self-induced depression.

At the fun-off, the Queen of the Beam, Lauren has a routine to some bootlegged hip-hop mess.  Her arm cross at the end had me saying- What’s up with that? What’s up with that?  Emily’s routine was about how she learned to be a gymnast from jumping rope, monkey bars and apartment rails.  Kaylie and Nicky’s double routine looked like dancing with the stars plus flips.  Payson decides to leave all this fun to meet up with Ike.  On her way out Sasha stops her to see if she is alright.  He said, “you will find another dream.”  Payson responded, “I’m done dreaming.”  What does this mean for Payson?  Omg!! What was that after the non- fun-o-thon between Sasha and Summer.  Lauren again gets on my nerves trying to crusyh the Nicky/Payson dream I have working out.  Payson finds Ike, what a dream crushed, he smokes and he drinks.  I hope we don’t find Payson in rehab.  Carter comes “home”  drunk to find Lauren in his bed.  Carter has two seconds where he thinks about his mother.  Lauren gets another jealous streak when he finds out that Carter is going to work nights with Emily but he does thank her for everything. 

abc family 


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