Beau Garrett plays the patient, Valerie in this episode.  She is a business executive with a rare disease and she has all the men on the team tripping over themselves.  Thirteen on the other hand is more interested in what is causing her pain.  House tells Foreman and Thirteen to make up and have sex because they worked better when they were together.  Back to the patient, her husband thinks that she is cheating on him and she convinces him that it is her job.  As she is hugging him she gives Thirteen a creepy head shake. Liar!

Thirteen receives a call from the medical board for sexual harassment.  She loses her cool and yells at Valerie.  This causes Foreman to admit that he fired her because of his feelings. 

Valerie starts bleeding out of her esophagus and Foreman has to put the pressure on her husband to make a decision.  He asks, “Is she cheating on me?  I don’t even know who she is anymore.”  He finally tells Foreman to do whatever he has to do.  Valerie is on the mend when she calls her husband pathetic because he knows she is cheating and still wants to make it work.  Thirteen realizes that she is able to feel.  We end the episode with Thirteen reading notes to Foreman so he can type them and House stalking Cuddy once again.


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