I was a little in and out on Vampire Diaries last night, but it was actually a good episode.  Elena is trapped in her car were we left her last time some vampire is about to kill her when Damon saves her and whisks her away to Georgia.  He takes her to some bar where he makes out with the bartender and asks how to get Katherine back.  She tells him there is no way cause the tomb is sealed.

Vampire that wants to kill Elena shows back up, catches her outside on her phone and takes her.  Damon realizes she is gone and goes to find her.  He finds her but also finds the Vampire dude and gets his ass kicked.  Vampire dude is about to light him on fire when Elena begs him to stop.  He does but not before telling Damon that was his girlfriend Damon killed.  (She was that vampire chick that was friends with Stefan and Damon killed in front of the sheriff).  Damon goes back to the bartender and rips out her heart for tipping off Vampire dude about him and Elena.  Before she dies she tells him the tomb can be opened but he has to find the spell book.

Bonnie and Stefan are bonding while Elena is away.  Turns out Bonnie has lost her powers.  She wants them back so she goes out to the cemetery to get them.  While she is trying to levitate a leaf she falls in a pit and ends up at the tomb (Katherine’s tomb).  She hears something but Stefan saves her before she gets hurt.  Bonnies Grandma is happy he save her and tells Stefan she will help him, but as soon as her family is in danger she will save them first and leave him on his own.  Stefan understands and thanks her.

Elena returns home and her and Stefan has a heart to heart where he drops a couple bombshells on her.  First, he has known her since the day her parents died because he is the one that save her from the car wreck!  Then he tells her she looks like Katherine because she is adopted!! 

It was good and I am actually looking foward to the next episode!


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