I was a little worried when I first saw the previews for this weeks episode because it looked like a campy episode where they try to solve the murder of JFK.  While the mystery itself was a little trying the actual story line between all of the characters was really good. 

Bones, Cam, Angela, Hodgins, and Sweets all end up in a lockdown situation at the Jeffersonian when some agency group comes in and tells them they are not leaving until they determine cause of death for a body they have brought with them.  Sweets calls Booth to let him now they are being held against their will.  Booth tries to come and get them out but is stopped by Mr. White of the GSA.  Booth goes to his boss (who at one point dated Bones) and asks for help.  He won’t help but does agree to turn a blind eye and help Booth get out of jail should he be arrested. 

So Booth sneaks in and tries to pry open the door but can’t, so he shoots it open.  He is taken down but allowed to stay inside with everyone.  He notifies his boss that he is being held against his will which means the FBI can come rescue him, but that will take a while.

Meanwhile, inside the Jeffersonian, Cam has found a pregnancy test in a bathroom that only she, Angela, Bones, and her daughter Michelle use.  She confronts Angela and Bones who both report it is not theirs.  Right when she is ready to call Michelle and confront her Angela admits it is hers but she didn’t want to tell Cam because Hodgins was listening and she hasn’t told Wendell yet.

Angela tells Hodgins anyway and he says he will be there for her because he knows she will let Wendell off easy because he is a struggling grad student.  Hodgins even tells Angela he loves her.  But it turns out it was a false positive, but I think this may lay the ground work for Wendell and Angela breaking up and Hodgins coming back in.

Bones and the rest of the crew are pretty sure they are dealing with the remains of JFK, but are also pretty sure that he was shot by two different people.  Booth takes this hard because he has always trusted his government to tell him the truth.  Bones gets this and lies to Booth and tells him that the body can’t be JFK’s.  Everyone gets to go home and Booth and Bones have a sweet moment where he tells her all the things he learned from hanging out with her.


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    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

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