This was another so-so episode for me.  Phil got a universal remote that Claire didn’t know how to use.  Mitchell convinces Jay that one of his good friends is gay and Gloria gives “Manny’s date” a makeover. 

Phil comes home saying “Daddy’s in the hizouse,”  only to find his universal remote broken by Claire.  Phil gets a new remote and is able to teach Haley how to use the remote, which of course makes Claire angry.  In the end she has Haley teach her how to use the remote.  Haley asks why Phil can’t teach her.  Claire replies, “Because I am married to him.” 

Jay finds out the hard way that his friend Shorty, who is played by Chazz Palimnter, is not gay but has a gambling problem.  The only reason he comments on men’s clothes is because his father was a tailor.  This costs Jay 20k thanks to Mitchell’s gaydar.  Mitchell confesses that he knew that Shorty wasn’t gay and that he was teaching him a lesson for considering Cameron “his son’s friend.”

Gloria gave a makeover to a creepy older woman that Manny was infactuated with.  Cameron comes by the house and Whitney instantly falls in love with him.  To bad he is gay and has a family.


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