Just a short recap for heroes as it was another fairly boring episdoe last night.    Hiro almost died.  While he was on the operating table he saw all the people he hurt by changing time to save Charlie.  He goes on trial for his misdeeds and is sentenced to death.  Before he dies his mom appears and tells him its not his time and heals his brain tumor, so hopefully we will move on from that.

Samuel tries to win over his girlfriend that he kidnapped but she says that she is not that person and that she never will be.  So of course he is heart broken and destroys a whole city……so I guess he is finally fully evil.

Sylar seeks out Claire for help in fixing himself.  He kisses her and she goes back to her girlfriend and holds her hand.  It was a little weird and then Sylar then goes to Parkmans house…..for redemption? forgivness?  Who knows but I have a feeling he is getting ready to turn to the good side and help them take down Samuel.

I am hoping all the Heroes get on the same page at some point and try to take down Samuel but it seems to be taking a really long time.  I’m in for the whole thing just because I have been comitted since season 1, but it is getting harder and harder to watch these episodes.


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