Sorry for the delay on the post guys….its been a long computerless day.  So here we go….

Another Awesome-centric episode and it was…..well awesome.  So Devin (Captain Awesome to those who love him) was taken last episode and his fate was up in the air.  Turns out he is alive, but is being held captain by a ring operative.  She thinks Devin is in the spy in the family (i know it leaves you to question her spy skills but just go with the flow).  So Devin is released but she hooks him up to a blue tooth that is actually a bomb and gives him instructions through it.  Of course its a spy mission Devin can’t do so Chuck boots up the intersect and helps him out.  The end of the mission requires him to kill a CIA agent.  Of course Chuck can’t do this but when he meets the agent he shows Chuck where to shoot him and asks him to do it.  Chuck refuses so the agent shoots himself.    Turns out he took a pill to make his heart stop, but luckily Devin can save him and does.  Turns out the CIA agent is the agent Shaw we saw the general talking to.  He is now in charge of the operation.  (And P.S.  he is playd by Brandon Routh i.e. Superman and he  looks good :))  So Shaw wants to keep using Devin but Chuck isn’t standing for it and sets up his own sting to bring down the ring operative.  He sets it up and of course gets in trouble, but Shaw won’t let Casey and Sarah rescue him.  Of course Casey and Sarah go against him and go to save Chuck.  Agent Shaw ends up killing the ring operative because Chuck won’t shoot her. 

In the Buy More storyline we saw Morgan get promoted to Ass Man (assisted manager for those who don’t like that).  Of course the Buy More boys turn on him and start their own fight club.  And its a fight club complete with Brad PItts red glasses and crazy lines.  Morgan has to learn to man up and take control of the buy more boys.  We even got some shout outs to the Warriors and Animal House during our crazy buy more sequence.

Great episode, very good job of putting the Chuck/Sarah drama in the background.  Chuck seems to be hitting its stride with the last two episodes and with NBC struggling i am getting my hopes up for another season…fingers crossed!


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